Kerry was Washington’s first major red carpet disappointment of the ’00s

Kerry Washington Olivia has gained a team of loyal fans after playing the role of Pope Shonda Rhymes Drama Scandal, But before those headache days, she’s just a young actress trying to make it to Hollywood. As such, she has not always made the best decisions when it comes to her red carpet fashion. Washington’s first major film role came in 2001 Save the last dance And it’s safe to say that her makeup and hair are certainly disappointing by today’s standards.

Although she is now known for her stunning looks on and off the red carpet, Kerry has come from a humble start on the Washington Iconic Walkway. Today, d Scandal The star has a team of stylists, hairdressers and makeup artists to form her glam squad, and recent photos of her stuffing on the red carpet in Washington seem to support that idea.

Kerry is Washington’s best red carpet look

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In one of Washington’s latest red carpet outings, she wore this gorgeous pink Prada column gown that added an undeniable glow to her skin. The flattering floor-length gown makes Washington’s already very long legs look longer thanks to its high waist. What we like most about this look is how it looks on Washington’s beautiful shoulders, a feature that deserves to be shown.

A floral fury we can’t get enough of

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Our next choice is a floral print Roberto Cavalli suit that embraces Washington in all the right places. The colorful suit blends femininity and masculinity, but the end result still makes Washington look as deadly as a woman. While the suit is certainly very sexy, the fun floral print gives it a somewhat playful air which gives Washington a little more dimension and personality to the red carpet that we are always looking for.

Beautiful expectant mother

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In 2016, Kerry Washington became pregnant with her second child after giving birth to a daughter Isabel two years ago. At this time, she was pregnant with her son Caleb. In this photo of Primetime Emmys that year, we can see that she was carrying her baby bump high, which was our first clue that the stunning brunette was expecting a boy. Apparently not for the traditional maternity dress, Washington Brandon Maxwell wore a black baby bump cutout dress complete with a cape that pulled along the floor in the most elegant way.

Washington’s Edzier Side

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Earlier that year, while attending the Oscars, Washington showed off her sharp side with an Atelier Versace gown that boasts a black leather bodice over a white skirt with sky-high slits. Her hair was pulled into a high ponytail, which gave us a great view of her gorgeous face.

Soft and sweet

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We saw a soft side of Washington at the 65th Annual Emmy Awards, which gave us some of our favorite vibes if we were to be honest. With those smooth lips and doe eyes, Washington vented a kind of Disney-Princess air even in its worst days, and it was far from its worst days. For the event, Washington wore a beautiful Marchesa gown with floral details in a gauze skirt. The white straps look realistic rather than fairy-tale and give the flowing gown some texture.

We’ve seen some of Kerry Washington’s best red carpets in recent years, but one of his first red carpets hasn’t impressed us much. Was at the premiere in Washington Save the last dance, Where he played a supporting role opposite Julia Steels. It was clearly still the first day of his acting career, and his lack of stylist and access to designer fashion was evident. Still, Washington’s natural magnetism was on full display, and in the more than 20 years since this photo was taken, his bright smile has not changed.

She loves NY, but we don’t love this look

384104 04: Actress Kerry Washington attends the premiere of “Save the Last Dance” on January 9, 2001 in Hollywood, CA. (Photo by Jason Kirk / Newsmakers)

For the premiere, Washington wore a black leather jacket and matching skirt over an “I Love NY” t-shirt. T has been cut so a piece of her belly is visible, but we almost didn’t notice that thanks to what was happening with Washington’s hair.

We believe she is wearing a wig based on the way the front part looks and it is not very quality. Not only is there a million flyovers here, but check out how chunky the frogs are Thank God for Washington’s smile, which is brighter than his faint wig. We also want to shout out to her styling team that she has made her look so beautiful.

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