Kevin Bacon talks about his relationship with the rarely seen boy Travis

You see Kevin Bacon Like in movies Futluj And X: Male: First classBut have you seen him with his son? Travis Bacon Not much is seen with his father. Kevin is giving some rare insights into their relationship. Here’s what he had to say.

Inside the Bacon family

In 1988, Kayra married Sedgwick after meeting Kane on the set Lemon sky. Coincidentally, the play also marked the first official credit for Casey Affleck’s career. The small world. However, Kevin and Sedgwick have two children together: Travis and Sosy Ruth Bacon. Sosi himself went on to perform, appearing as a regular 13 Reasons Why.

What about Travis Bacon?

Unlike his sister, Travis did not pursue a career in acting. Instead, Travis and Kevin have a bond on music. He is in the black metal band Black Enville. In an interview with Dr. Hello!Kevin explained his relationship with Travis: “We’ve collaborated on amazing things because I’m also a musician.”

Music work for Travis Space Audit. It is run by Sedgwick and also features Kevin, so they keep it in the family. Kevin says the family always cooperates: “They support us and we support them. We all work together in different capacities.”

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Not just because of the blood, the family works together. “We like to work together, we don’t do it just because it’s family, we do it because we like to work, the creative process,” Kevin said.

The whole family worked together in 2005 Boyfriend. Directed by Kevin, starred Sedgwick, and both Travis and Sosy were in attendance. It remains Travis’ only acting achievement, but he has written in the past. He composed the music for Sedgwick’s 2019 film Girls Weekend.

What’s next for Kevin Bacon?

As one would expect, Kevin is extremely busy. You wouldn’t be nominated for Kevin Bacon’s Six Degrees without a strong output. Anyway, he just finished the remake The Toxic Avenger. She starred in an All-Star cast alongside Eliza Wood, Peter Dinklage and Jane Levy. He is also going to appear One way Including machine gun Kelly. Talk about eclecticism.

In a completely different role, Kevin is linked to LGBTQIA + upcoming film They are theirs Set for release in August. He is currently shooting another movie: Throw the earth back. It also stars Julia Roberts, Mahershala Ali and Ethan Hawke. It doesn’t look like Travis is involved with the film, but it does look like he has a lot more collaborations in the future.

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