Khalo Kardashian has been condemned for his insensitive response to the Texas school shooting

In the town of Uvalde, Texas, on Tuesday, a gunman entered an elementary school and opened fire, killing 21 people, most of them children.

It’s the kind of tragedy that often happens in America, but it’s not the kind of headline that anyone gets used to.

Across social media, outraged citizens have expressed their grief and demanded action from many public politicians.

Of course, as always, when emotions are high, some people fail to consider their content properly before sharing it with the world.

Khloe in black and white

The same is true of Kardashian, whose first post about the shooting was an accurate reflection of what millions of other Americans thought.

“I do not understand today’s tragedy in our country. 14 children have died. How is this happening? My heart is breaking,” Khalo wrote in his Instagram story shortly after the news of the shooting came out.

“I pray, I hope, I beg, I plead … please lawmakers, government officials, our country’s leaders, do something to protect our children,” he continued.

Kholo Kardashian expressed optimism

“It was ‘enough’ before the ten mass shootings. It was ‘enough’ after Sandy Hook. What good is it to defend our freedom when we have no protection in life.”

Khalo ended his statement with a broken heart emoji.

If this was the last post of the day, then surely Kholo would be appreciated for saying all the right things.

Khloe Kardashian will let people get their feelings

Unfortunately, he did not know when to leave the phone.

Perhaps his next post was already scheduled, or perhaps in his grief, Kholo wasn’t thinking clearly.

Whatever the case, just minutes after his passionate appeal for action, Kholo returned to Instagram to promote his business venture.

Khloe Ad

The ad for her Good American apparel brand and its metallic shine jeans was published so quickly that many commentators thought Kholo posted both items at the same time.

But it turns out he waited about two minutes between the Instagram story about the murdered children and the story of the shiny jeans.

“You have to joke,” wrote a Reddit user who shared a screenshot of the back-to-back posts.

Khloe Kardashian points out the strategy

Unfortunately, Khloe continued to promote her brand from there, leading to further outrage from commenters.

One Reddit user wrote, “After he posted six promos, let’s see how the Stans protect it.”

“How about no promotion for the rest of the day. What a one day grace period. No need to stay within the same damn hour,” added another.

Khloe Kardashian admits to trolls

“I know. He could literally wait. Dinam is like Coco,” shouted a third.

“It’s business as usual for him because his daughter, niece and nephew will go to private school where they don’t have to worry that some evil person is hurting innocent lives. The rich and everyone else live on two different planets,” the fourth angry commenter wrote.

Others have defended Kholo, noting that his brand promotion post was probably pre-arranged.

Khloe Kardashian recalls her own feelings

“The good American Post was probably determined. I’m glad he said something about the shots,” one person commented.

“I hope it was a pre-arranged promo post that made her an assistant but it looks really bad,” another wrote.

Kholo should probably be given the benefit of the doubt here, as celebrities often pre-schedule promotional posts.

Kholo Kardashian remembers having fun on social media

But again, the emotions are running high, and there’s a lot of misguided anger flying.

Perhaps now is a good time to remember that everyone who is demanding action is on the same page, and the better we work together, the more effective those demands will be.

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