Kim Kardashian allegedly angry with Chris Jenner for ‘cashing’ in Pitt

Is Kim Kardashian Disagreement with his mother, Chris Jenner? A tabloid claims that reality star businesswoman Pete Davidson is tired of holding her nose about her relationship. Let’s take a look at the charges.

‘Medling Momzar’ Chris ‘Driving Kim Crazy’?

A recent version Lifestyle Reported that Chris Jenner wants to take Pete Davidson under his wing, but Kim Kardashian is not getting it. After moving away from Live Saturday night, Davidson has parted ways with its management company, Brillstein Entertainment Partners. Sources say Jenner wants to cut a deal with Davidson, but Kardashian is warning him to back off.

“He got into a fight with Chris and basically told him to stop interfering in his relationship,” an insider said. “I don’t want to risk ruining things with Kim Pitt, especially since it’s still early days.” Tipster reminds readers that Jenner managed Kanye West when he and Kardashian were together, and says this when sources are terribly wrong. “It’s good to give Pete business advice. He and Kim are very grateful,” Tipster insisted. “But signing an official contract is out of the question right now.”

Did Kim Kardashian tell Chris Jenner to butt out?

This story is absolutely, positively false — let’s explain. First, let’s dig into that claim about Jenner Kanye managing West. In 2018, rumors surfaced that Jenner had become the manager of both Connie West and Travis Scott. But, at the time, Kylie Jenner responded to the report saying “this is not true” and the whispers seemed to be completely gone. So, no, contrary to the outlet’s claim, Chris Jenner never seems to be the manager of Connie West.

Moreover, the Jenner-Kardashian family has strongly denied reports that it is accepting Davidson as a client. A source close to Jenner said: “Chris is not Pitt’s manager Our weekly In mid-May. So, no, we do not believe that Jenner has any intention of interfering with the relationship between Kardashian and Davidson.

The tabloid on Kim Kardashian

This is far from the first Lifestyle Kim threw the ball in a story about Kardashian. Last year, the outlet claimed that Kardashian lawyer Van Jones was preparing to be her next husband. The magazine then reported that Kardashian was actually ending her divorce from Kanye West. And most recently, the publication alleges that Kardashian claims full custody of her children and only allows visits under Western supervision. Obviously, Lifestyle The Kardashian-Jenner faction is concerned wherever it is not a well-known source

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