Kim Kardashian swimsuit issue cover has been criticized by critics: she is not a role model!

It’s somewhat surprising that a tradition like the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue exists in 2022 – hell, we’re always surprised by the news that a legacy publication still mails physical copies – but what’s not the least bit surprising is the controversy surrounding the annual cover industry.

To their credit, SI’s editors have tried to take the issue of swimwear to a more inclusive, physio-positive level, and obviously, some people are upset that this year’s choices did not fully reflect their own tastes.

The 2022 issue has four different covers, two of which have attracted criticism that can only be described as absolutely bizarre.

First, Jordan Peterson’s body-shy model Yumi Nu, who was upset for her cover photo, couldn’t explain it completely.

Yumi Nu

He lamented the importance of maintaining the quality of beauty – which was always thematic – but it seemed that he was once rejected by someone who looked like Yuma and still salted it.

However, in one of the other covers there is no one other than Kim Kardashian, arguably the most famous woman to be photographed for a swimsuit.

Now, Kim’s curves are part of the legend, so her inclusion on the cover should have been Twitter’s horny aesthetic.

Kim K on SI

But his election could be even more controversial than Yumar’s.

Kim is a victim of normal body-shame which happens every time a woman posts a picture online.

On top of that, some critics argued that Kim’s sex tapes should prevent her from participating in Sports Magazine’s annual Spank Bank compilation, The Sacred Tradition.

Kim Kardashian SKIMS Selfie

And if you think that was the only complaint, then you do not know the Internet aggression machine!

“Incredibly frustrating. All that SI has done over the last few years for women, empowerment and body positivity combined I was disappointed to see Kim on the cover, especially after her recent controversy over Marilyn’s outfit and how she proudly starved herself. Dieting is being done to try to fit in, ”one person commented on the magazine’s Instagram page.

“It does not reflect the positivity and acceptability of the body as SI has done over the years and it does all the efforts that SI has taken and brought you back,” the person added, according to Yahoo News.

Kim Kardashian ... blonde!

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Granted, Kim’s boasting of a crash diet was not a good thing, but as a punishment she would not be banned from all magazine covers for life.

“I am not disappointed to see Kim Kardashian on the cover,” wrote another complainant.

Kim Kardashian models skim Sunday

“There are so many women out there you can have [given] This opportunity. I thought you were different but it only makes sense and plastic surgery is important. “

“It simply came to our notice then [because] He has improved everything through surgery, “shouted a third critic.

Clearly, concerns about body image issues and the way the media exaggerates them are legitimate.

Kim Kardashian at the Oscar party

But it is equally clear that Kim is being unfairly targeted here by those who do not like her.

“There are so many points in his life where he could just crawl under a rock and let the world pass him by and lead a comfortable life,” said SI editor-in-chief MJ Day Kim in defense.

“But he’s going to develop himself and prove everyone wrong who doesn’t want to allow him and do more, and inevitably, he’s doing more for all of us in this way. I applaud it. With every ounce of my fiber.”

Kim is posing for Pete

It is important to remember that in addition to her work as a real star and model, Kim is a billionaire entrepreneur who is working to become a lawyer.

There are worse role models for young people to wait for

Kim is certainly not perfect, but she never pretended to be – and that’s just another reason she’s admired.

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