Kirsten Dunst alleged that her husband, Jesse Pleiman, forbade her to spend time with him

Is Kirsten Dunst Desperately trying to keep up Jesse Plemons Out of danger? A tabloid claims that Plemons is comfortable with a notorious Hollywood heartthrob and that Dunst is not happy about it. Let’s check on this The power of the dog Co-star

Kirsten Dunst warns co-star to ‘stay away’?

This week, They Kirsten Dunst is reportedly nervous about her husband Jesse Plemons’ latest project. As Fargo Actor busy shooting Flower Moon Killers With Leonardo DiCaprio, sources say that Dunst DiCaprio’s bad habit is worried about rubbing on Plemons. “Leo may have a girlfriend [model Camila Morrone] But he’s still out there all the time in a suspicious environment, and Kirsten is worried he’ll get his good guy going the wrong way, “admits one insider. The magazine notes that things are really good for Dunst and Plemonos right now.

The couple originally met during the filming Fargo Together in 2015, and they now share two sons. Dunst and Plemons are also co-stars in the film The power of the dog Which gave each of them their first Oscar nomination. And now that Martin Scorsese has the lead role in Plemon’s latest film, Dunst is apparently terrified that DiCaprio is going to destroy everything. “Carsten has nothing against Leo, but he gave up that partying lifestyle years ago and likes things like her and Jesse,” Tipster added. “Rest assured, if Leo pushes the boundary, he will bring Jesse back!”

Leonardo DiCaprio’s friend with Jesse Plemon?

While this tabloid is clearly concerned about Jesse Plemons’ “good man” reputation, we have no reason to believe Kirsten Dunst. First, although Leonardo DiCaprio certainly gained his reputation through his long-standing refusal to date someone over the age of 25, we have no reason to believe that he pressured anyone in his life to follow his lead. DiCaprio is not so desperate for friends that he is trying to corrupt his incredible co-stars.

Moreover, DiCaprio has not been caught red handed at many wild parties in recent years. This is certainly evident from how the outlet uses a 2015 photo to illustrate DiCaprio’s party-boy trend. But recent photos of DiCaprio that we can find show him spending a healthy beach day with Morron and their dog. Honestly, it doesn’t seem like Dunst really has anything to think about.

And finally, Dunst and Plemon have been inseparable since they met in 2015. Flower Moon Killers This is a wonderful opportunity, so it is strange to suggest that Dunst is less than supportive of her husband.

The tabloid on Leonardo DiCaprio

This story is a bit ironic They Leonardo DiCaprio has played a role in maintaining the reputation. In 2020, the outlet reported that DiCaprio was flirting with Jennifer Lawrence on their movie set. The magazine then complained that Camilla Morron had an “oven bun”. And more recently, the publication claims that DiCaprio instructed Morron not to meet him on set. Obviously, They This is not a reliable source where DiCaprio is involved.

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