Kirsten Dunst’s Early Red Carpet Photo Introduces Iconic ’00s Fashion

Kirsten Dunst He has enjoyed a long career in Hollywood, and many of his child actors have been able to solve problems that plague his peers. What she didn’t avoid, however, was her horrible fashion choice in the late ’90s and early’ 00s, but most of us didn’t get it right out of that period. We dug through the archives and found some of Dunst’s best (worst?) Red carpet garments that truly defined the sensibilities of the style of the era. You have been warned.

When it comes to building entrances, no one does better than Kirsten Dunst. The 40-year-old actress and mother of two impressed whenever she walked the red carpet and her days as a young Hollywood star were no different. Now, however, Dunst is more likely to be seen in a gorgeous designer gown. Take her outfit for the recent slap-hit Oscar ceremony.

Kirsten Dunst: A Hollywood Rose in Full Bloom

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – March 27: Kirsten Dunst attends the 94th Annual Academy Awards in Hollywood, California on March 27, 2022 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by David Livingston / Getty Images)

She rocked a red, strapless ruffled gown with a timeless look which has been well earned. After all, it was the creation of a vintage Christian Lacroix. “Old Hollywood Glamor” says nothing better than a gorgeous vintage number. There are certain pieces that just stand the test of time well. Then there are clothes that Dunst wore to the heights of his then-new fame.

Turtleneck / Shift Dress Combo

(FeatureFlash Photo Agency /

Don’t get me wrong, we like a shift dress like the next one, but something about seeing the braid-tassel-handsome straps against the black turtleneck rubs us in the wrong direction. But this image was taken in 2002 when the layering frenzy reached its peak, although it will continue for many more years.

Adding belts to clothing

(FeatureFlash Photo Agency /

At first, it seemed as if society had recently invented accessories and the world had gone crazy for them, Dunst apparently included. For the most part, we actually like this dress a lot. In fact, it is a medium-length skirt that is deeply ingrained at the moment, notable fashionistas like Kate Middleton often swing the conservative yet flirtatious style. We also like the gray raincoat, which Dunst photographers spread out openly to see what they are wearing underneath. The belt is our biggest problem, which gives this look a kind of knock-off Lord of the Rings To feel.

Night out on a business casual camisole

(FeatureFlash Photo Agency /

The fun part of being a young member of Generation X or the older millennials is that you probably have at least one photo where you spend the night in town or at the club wearing your best business casual attire. Dunst is a blazer or cardigan far from being ready for her transfer as an HR representative in this photo.

It is not only the everyday nature of this look that fails to impress us, it is also true that it seems very bad. The camisole is wrinkled and his pants are raised around his legs and ankles even though the rest of his legs are fine.

Peak millennia

(FeatureFlash Photo Agency /

We were pretty rough looking at Kirsten Dunst’s red carpet, but that’s only because we dressed exactly the same way. It is here that we credit Dunst for his iconic style in that era. Of course, there were some … really bad fashions that came out of that decade, but then you see that.

Dunst looks adorable in her pink, lacy babydoll dress with a dark pink velvet ribbon threaded around the bust to give it some texture. From her hair to her pink wrap, Dunst is a ’90’s princess every inch in this picture and we can’t help but love her for it. And wonder what this exact look rocking has an age limit.

Wear outdoor pajamas

From “Interview with Vampire” at the premiere of “The Cable Guy” by Hollywood, CA Kirsten Dunst on 6/10/96

Checkered pants. Pastel checker pants, that. We have nothing more to say about them that they have not already said about themselves. Dunst was only 14 years old in this photo, so we’ll give him an excuse until he gives us a very similar outfit. We’ve got a lot of nostalgia for that era, but that doesn’t mean we’re not happy about what we’ve left behind.

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