Kylen Lori: Chris Lopez tried to kill me and he ran away with it!

During the last month Adolescent mother 2 On the reunion show, Kylen Lori reveals that Chris Lopez once tried to kill her.

This is not the first time that Laurie Lopez has been accused of abuse, but never before has she discussed the incident on camera or in such heinous detail.

In the full blows of host Dr. Drew Pinsky and Nessa Diab, Lori explains that Lopez attacked her so violently that she feared for her life.

“Chris killed me around October 2019 with domestic violence,” Kyle said.

Lori, Lopez

Lori went on to explain that the attack had caused significant trauma and persuaded her to take therapy.

“In October 2019, someone almost took my life, and that was the main moment of my life where I was, ‘I need help,'” he said.

“And so I’ve been on therapy ever since.”

Kyle Tales Her Side

Lori noted that she was not in the habit of hiding important aspects of her life from her fans, but she said, “I haven’t found the right time or way, you know, tell me the whole story … I don’t think it’s the kind of person who just talks openly.” . “

Lopez downplayed the allegations, noting that Lori was once arrested for assaulting him, as if to make Kyle’s allegations even less tragic.

Lori addressed the incident during an Instagram Q&A session earlier this week.

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And when asked by a fan about Lopez’s reaction to the allegation, Lori did not downplay the words.

“It’s actually really sick,” he replied Ashley’s reality roundup.

Kyle accuses Chris of “shortening” his activities, adding, “That night my life changed.”

Chris Lopez left

Lori also told fans that she would talk about the incident in more detail in one of her upcoming episodes Barely famous Podcast

He mentioned that he would be joining guest Dr. Drew which could be a very emotional installment for sure.

“I never told a story. I never talked about it. I never went into detail, ”Kyle said during the Teen Mom 2 reunion.

Kylen Lori on the MTV episode

When Chris joined the conversation via video link, Kyle encouraged Drew and Nessa to ask about the incident, saying, “I think he knows what he did.”

“It’s an abuse on both sides,” Lopez explained.

“She looks like I’m really hitting her. That story is going around, that I actually beat him. I would never hit him. Am I threatening? I may have said something out of anger, “he continued.

Kylen Lori turns the bird upside down

“I will not stand here and act as if I am innocent. I have done something. And I have served [time in jail] For that. I have received my punishment. You will not punish me for what I did three or four years ago. ”

During her recent Q&A, Kyle told fans that he was struggling with depression and that he had decided to invite Drew to his show in the hope that the conversation would prove therapeutic.

“I think I’m finally going to talk about it and see if [Dr. Drew] There is no suggestion, ”he wrote.

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“It’s a war I really don’t want anyone,” Kell continued.

“Even on my right day, life has been very heavy for me lately. I hope it gets better this summer. ”

Here’s hoping Drew will be able to help Kyle get to a more stable place in his healing process.

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