Kylie Jenner has ridiculed all the mesh outfits compared to one bag of onions

Kylie Jenner, The youngest brother of the Kardashian / Jenner family, recently uploaded a photo of himself wearing a pink fake jumpsuit that wraps every inch of his body like a second skin. While most fans are overwhelmed by this look, other fans have compared it to grocery store products!

Why compare the onions painted by Kylie Jenner

After the birth of her second child, a boy named she initially named Wolf before she and boyfriend Travis Scott changed their minds, Kylie Jenner going overdrive to promote her various brands. While in the office, Jenner took the time to take part in a fashion shoot where she wore a pink jumpsuit made of mesh and a pair of thigh high boots.

The mother of two looked stunning with a tight skin look, but some followers soon started joking and began comparing Jenner to some of the items found in the grocery store’s product section. One follower wrote, “It’s that tangerine cutie in a small mesh bag,” and another quickly shouted, “Doesn’t it look like an orange bag from a supermarket?”

Supermarket chic?

It’s not just citrus fruits that have been compared to the genus. Another commented, “Apple in our market wears the same outfit.” When the fruit joke is over, the onion joke takes place. “The onion in the bag is staring at me,” joked an Instagram user. A German user commented with our translation, “Why are you wearing my onion packaging?”

Take a look at the whole outfit

No matter how ridiculous Jenner’s cost may be, we can admit that the reality star looks gorgeous even though there’s still a pretty little smile about comparing her to an onion in a bag.

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