Kylie Jenner is reportedly angry about Kim Kardashian’s ‘betrayal’

Is Kylie Jenner Conflict with Kim Kardashian? A tabloid claims that the sisters hug each other. Here is what we know about the alleged conflict of fashion moguls.

Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner ‘Billionaire in War’?

This week, They The situation in the Kardashian-Jenner family is tense at the moment. According to the article, Kylie Jenner was upset when she learned that Kim Kardashian was launching her own skincare line, despite Jenner doing the same thing years ago. “They can rarely stay in the same room,” an interior food. And then, when Jenner was criticized for selling cheap made-to-measure swimwear, fans couldn’t compare the dress to Kardashian’s luxurious SKIMS line.

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Snitch whispers, “Kim felt completely proven because she really does work, while she says Kylie is a lazy brat who has no work ethic,” Snitch whispers. “It burns Kim out because Kylie’s success would not have been possible without her.” But sources say Jenner has requested that their conflict be kept away from the camera. “Kylie has been threatened with resignation if she starts the story [on The Kardashians]”

Is Kylie Jenner arguing with Kim Kardashian?

This report is absolutely baseless. First, Kylie Jenner was far from the first famous woman to launch a skincare line. In fact, in just 2021, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys and Halsey all decided to enter the beauty industry. It is now almost certain that when a celebrity reaches a certain level of fame, they launch a beauty brand. Honestly, Kardashian’s SKKN waited a long time for the height of its influence.

Besides, we have no reason to believe that Kardashian and Jenner are fighting. The sisters must have looked comfortable in a picture earlier this month.

And isn’t it a little more convenient that Jenner doesn’t want to promote her and Kardashian’s drama? Some things aren’t limited to a few years for famous family reality shows. So, if Kardashian and Jenner are in an argument, we’ll probably hear about it Kardashians. And since we haven’t heard a peek about the sisters ’alleged conflict, we’re guessing that this story wasn’t real at all.

Tabloids on the Kardashian-Jenner family

We invented a tabloid fast for the first time to invent the Kardashian-Jenner conflict. Last year, Heat Courtney Kardashian was furious with Kim after finding out her history with Travis Barker. Then In contact Caitlin Jenner claims she was “bitter” about the Kardashians’ betrayal. And more recently, Globe Allegedly Chris Jenner was angry with Courtney for seeking a spin-off deal. Clearly, fans shouldn’t believe any stories of fights between Kardashian-Jenner families that don’t come from their own TV shows.

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