Luis Ruelas accused of pushing ex-wife on metal pole during drop-off in custody

Time The real housewife of New Jersey Reunion Special, Luis Ruelas finally answers the long-asked question.

This does not mean that everyone was satisfied with his answer, or that he addressed everything.

The long list of red flags in Lewis that Teresa did not want to discuss was an allegation of domestic violence against an ex-wife.

Now, details from the police report have been made available, and it is almost as if Lewis was playing a word game in Reunion.

Luis Ruelas in the hot seat

Luis Ruelas was quite specific at the reunion when he insisted he had never “hit” a past partner.

It would have been shocking if he had said something else – abusers do not admit abuse unless they are forced to, while abusers often lie.

But police reports say Lewis pushed his ex-wife, Marissa Dimartino, to a metal pole during the alleged altercation.

Teresa Goodis and her fianc

Page six Police have received a report of a 2012 incident in Orangetown, New York.

The feud erupted after Lewis left the children to live with their mother in the home they once shared with their two sons.

This is when the report states, “The two started arguing over money.”

Luis Ruelas explains it all

“The dispute escalated,” the police report said, “and it ended.” [Ruelas] Pushing [DiMartino] A metal support pole in the garage. “

According to the report, “this activity took place in the presence of the couple’s son.”

Authorities wrote: “[DiMartino] He refused medical care and was adamant that he did not want to sign a charge. “

Teresa Goodis with Luis Ruelas

Because of how our law works, denying the allegations does not mean that Lewis has been arrested.

There was an earlier report at the time of their marriage, describing a “verbal dispute” with Lewis, who was her husband at the time (the marriage ended in 2010).

“[DiMartino] Says they’re going through a divorce, “the police report said,” and [Ruelas] Come home and quarrel with him. [DiMartino] Leave the house. “

Luis Ruelas with Teresa

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

In addition, Marissa accuses Lewis of calling her name in front of their children. It was a June 2016 custody exchange time.

“My ex-husband has come to pick up my son [at] Around 6:00, “he described in the report.” He wanted to talk and I didn’t want to come. [the] The door. “

Teresa Guidis and Lewis

“She kept beating and beating [the] Until the door opens to scare my other son, [redacted]Above, “Marissa reported at the time.

“As the drop-off began, she began naming the second child, uttering names in front of both children,” he continued, “claiming she wants to be with him.”

During the police report, Marissa described Lewis as abusive, with tick marks on the box indicating that she had used death threats or physical violence against him for years.

Luis Ruelas and Teresa

Lewis did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

An insider, however, claimed that Lewis and Marissa now have a positive co-parental relationship.

Obviously, that was not always the case. It is unlikely that Teresa would be interested in hearing more.

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