Luis Ruelas finally explains that the weird, weird shirtless “bootcamp” video

All season, Teresa Guidos is trying her best to stop people from talking about the red flag of Luis Ruelas.

She has some serious luggage, and she’s just allowed him to talk about it – to the detriment of her reputation.

At the Reunion Special, Lewis finally managed to address a memorable, viral video without Teresa.

Lewis’s description was not resolved EverythingBut it did get a round of applause from Joe Gorga

Luis Ruelas explains it all

In Part 3 of the Reunion Special, Andy Cohen asked for clarification once the householders joined them on stage.

“When you were asked to explain the video, you claimed it was a breakup video,” the host told Lewis.

“But in the video you actually proposed,” Andy pointed out and asked: “So what was it?”

Luis Ruelas in the hot seat

“I was in a relationship, it was toxic and my business partner was going through this backlash,” Lewis began. “So I said, ‘Let’s go.’

He explained: “And we weren’t naked on the beach. We were wearing gym shorts because they kept sending us in and out of the ocean.”

Lewis went on to say: “Going in and out of the ocean, they set the boys intentions for their wives.”

Teresa Guidis and Luis Ruelas are out

“I was an unmarried man, so I made up my mind that I was dating this woman,” Lewis explained.

“I was trying to break up, but I didn’t have the courage to do it,” he admitted.

“So when I got there,” Lewis said in detail, “they made me promise him and basically said, ‘Stop making excuses’ and I was committed to him.”

Cougis up to Luis Ruelas Teresa Goodis

Lewis recalls returning home, at which point the woman “gave me a prep, she wanted বিয়ে 1 million to get married.”

At that point, he and the former in question parted ways.

Joe Gorga and Margaret Josephus, finally hearing an explanation, gave their solemn applause.

Teresa Goodis and her fianc

“I was trying to help you change public opinion because I didn’t want you to look bad,” Margaret claims.

“It’s a very clear explanation. Public opinion was not good,” he noted. “Unfortunately, this did not happen.”

Whether Margaret’s motives were as helpful as she now claims, Teresa did no good by protecting her “love bubble” so skeptically.

Teresa Guidis and Lewis

Lewis explained that Teresa did not claim his silence, but advised him: “You don’t have to answer to anyone.”

He recalls: “I kept telling him, ‘You have to let me talk.’ If I had the chance to speak, it would be different. “

It’s weird to throw Teresa down the bus there, whether she deserves it or not.

Photo by Luis Ruelas and Teresa Guidis

Andy then points out: “You think there are a lot of women you’ve dated who have a lot to say about you.”

He lists: “There are incidents of road rage, you always demand sex, emotionally abuse, cut a girlfriend’s tires, your family doesn’t like you, physical abuse in front of the kids.”

Andy then asked an important but perhaps helpless question: “Which of these is true?”

Luis Ruelas and Teresa in a cradle

“We were basically in a toxic relationship,” Lewis featured.

“When you’re in a toxic relationship, it feels emotionally offensive to me, but I wouldn’t label it that way,” he claimed.

For the common allegation of sexual harassment, Lewis simply admits: “I can’t have sex four times a day,” then Teresa jokes: “I want to!”

Image by Teresa Guidis and Luis Ruelas

The most serious of these is the domestic violence allegation, which Lewis said was “an argument with my wife about my children when we were divorcing.”

He commented: “If I’m the only person in America who basically argues with his wife and she enters the house and calls the police.”

“That’s the perimeter,” Lewis insisted, denying he ever hit his wife.

Luis Ruelas and Teresa Guidis

“I was a perfect man, not at all,” Lewis admitted after denying physical abuse. However, he is hurt by the rise of his reputation.

“Teresa I didn’t mean to say that but all the negative things that came up in the press, they let me out of my company,” she shared, “because of all my excuses there.”

Lewis details: “They called me and said, ‘You have to resign,’ and it really sucked.”

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