Lynn Spears: Brittany’s mother breaks the silence following the wedding snub!

Britney Spears and Sam Asgari got married on Thursday after dating for almost six years.

It’s been a tumultuous few years for the pop icon, and fans are hopeful that the wedding will usher in Brittany’s “happy next” years.

Of course, even if the worst could be behind it, Brittany’s conflict with her family is unlikely to end any time soon.

As you probably know, Britney was released from her archives last year after a long, tumultuous court battle against her own father.

Britney, husband

Not surprisingly, none of Brittany’s family attended her wedding.

Britt did not invite his parents or his sister, Jamie-Lin.

In fact, the only member of her immediate family who received the invitation was Britney’s brother, Brian Spears, who did not attend the ceremony due to unclear circumstances.

Britney Spears and Sam Asgari: A picture

But it looks like the singer’s mother, Lynn Spears, is conducting the snab with grace and dignity … and with a little frustration.

“You look radiant and very happy! Your wedding is the ‘dream’ wedding! And making it in your home makes it so emotional and special!” Lynn commented on Britney’s Instagram over the weekend.

“I’m so happy for you! I love you!”


Brittanio liked a comment from Sam’s sister, Fey Asgari, which read:

“One of the most beautiful and emotional moments of my life was marrying my brother. I love you both very much @samasghari & ritbritneyspears.”

Needless to say, it looks like Lynn is trying to mend her relationship with Brittany.

Lynn Spears

But it can be a long time before Brits are willing to forgive and forget.

As recently as April of this year, Brittany denounced Lin for helping her father’s heinous plan to maintain complete control over their daughter’s life and money.

When discussing his 2002 film CrossroadsBritney mentions that her character’s mother didn’t want to do anything with her, even after traveling across the country in hopes of an on-screen Brit reunion.

Britney Spears dances to the music

Spears wrote on Instagram, “PSS, I mean, it’s actually worse than what my mom did to me in real life.”

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Britney wants to see her real life mom again sometime soon.

It is important to remember that Britt spent most of his adult life under the control of a conservative who denied him many basic human rights.

Britney Spears in April 2022

And that protection could not have happened without the consent and concurrence of Brittany’s parents.

So yes – if there was ever a celebrity who was justified in severing ties with her parents, it was Britney.

Speaking of invited guests, Lynn was not the only one who tried to force herself on Brit’s big day.

Brittany and Sam in Hawaii

Spears’ ex-husband Jason Alexander’s marriage broke down and he was arrested on the spot.

Now, obviously we don’t know what the future holds for Brittany and Sam.

But if these two can keep their distance from the many Duffs in Britney’s life, then everything should work out!

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