Mac Lovat: Farah Abraham lied! She was never my girlfriend!

Earlier this week, Farah Abraham hit the city with a mysterious man – and he obviously wanted the whole world to know about it.

The pair went to a popular Hollywood sushi restaurant and sat in front of a paparazzi army on a park bench.

We later learned that Farah’s new man was a musician named Mac Lovato.

Of course, since Farah’s life is a non-stop roller coaster, the relationship is already over by the time this information comes out.

Farah Abraham video still

Farah told several media outlets about the breakup, because of course he did.

He told TMZ that Lovato became a “monster” when he started getting press attention.

He said e! News that he was worried his daughter, 13-year-old Sophia, would not approve of Mack.

Pictures of Mac Lovat

All of this apparently came as a big surprise to Mac, who didn’t even know he was in a relationship with Farah.

In a new interview with The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, Lovat said he had never been in a relationship with Farah and claimed he was lying about their “separation”.

“I met Farah at Bumble in 2020 and we took her puppy Billionaire to a dog park. I certainly didn’t ‘slide into his DMs’, ”Mac told Ashley.

Farah Abraham gets angry

“I wasn’t aware of his reputation for being completely transparent when we first met (it doesn’t matter). I asked him if he wanted to hang out again, but a year or so ago we dropped a random DM convo about Grammy, We didn’t talk until last week, ”he continued.

“It was amazing to wake up and discover that I got a girlfriend overnight because I certainly didn’t agree with it … with anyone.”

Mack says Farah was upset and blocked him when he dared to mention that they had never actually been dating.

Farah Abraham Video Selfie

“I sent a text to Farah to clarify this, and also to let him know that I was in the middle of an idea that was a mutual decision. Then he proceeded to serve me some words and block me,” he continued.

“However, if Farah had asked, I would have told him that I was fairly fresh from the break up with my ex Antonia and that rushing things when you still love someone is not the best move. . “

Farah Abraham flips out

Mack goes on to say that he has no ill will towards Farah and is speaking for the purpose of straightening out the record.

“All that being said, I want to make it clear that I really wish Farah the best,” he told The Ashley.

“It simply came to our notice then. These last few days have been an really eye-opening experience for me, “Lovat added.

Confessional picture of Farah Abraham

“Going on a date and kissing is completely confusing for 2 people (especially about what’s going on in the world) as well as my next biggest takeaway was the dark dimension of this cyber bullying that we’re continuing.”

Mac encouraged Farah’s haters to be more tolerant and more aware of the comments they make on social media.

“People are insulting Farah’s mental state, her physical appearance, calling her horrible, telling me to run, to go up the hill … Enough. We have to do better. We have to do better. I know I can,” he said.

Farah Abraham brings sick news

“No one is perfect. And despite what anyone might say, Farah is a great mother who loves her daughter to death. She’s raising a great kid, and she’s doing it as a single mother, ”Lovat continued.

“So anyone who needs to try to break them down to build themselves up, please remember this. Ask yourself if you would say these things to your own mother, daughter, wife or someone you care about.”

It’s true that we can all learn to be a little more empathetic.

Of course, Mack’s comments are somewhat ironic, since no one has benefited from these words like Farah, who has built a career by bullying others.

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