Magic Johnson’s amazing connection with Dr. Anthony Fawcett

Dr. Anthony Fawcett, The chief medical adviser to the president, is one of the most talked about people in the last few years. Celebrities are showing their support for him and his work with COVID-19, but did you know that Dr. Fawcett helped save the basketball star? Magic JohnsonIts life?

Johnson’s diagnosis of HIV

In 1991, Johnson became infected with HIV and announced his retirement from the Los Angeles Lakers. At the time, an HIV diagnosis was considered a death sentence. Johnson initially claimed he did not know how he became infected with HIV, but later admitted that he had extramarital affairs with several different women, which probably led to his diagnosis. The basketball star recently spoke about his experience with the disease during his appearance Scene.

“First of all, thank you Dr. Fawcett, Dr. Ho, they both helped me get here,” he said. “They helped me understand that I needed to take my medication, I needed to feel comfortable with my new status, make sure I had a positive attitude and keep working, and so I did.” Here I am after 30 years. “

Johnson also spoke about how important it was to share his diagnosis with the public to fight the stigma surrounding HIV. “It was everything, to heal me, but also to help people for me, especially the black and brown community, because it was going fast through our community at that time. We reduced the number,” he explained. , And I’m happy about it. “

His life after basketball

Although Johnson announced his retirement from the NBA shortly after his diagnosis, he later rejoined the Lakers: in 1994 as a coach and in 1996 as a player. Johnson continued to play competitively for his Magic Johnson All-Stars team, the Swedish M7 Borås and the Danish Great Danes.

After leaving basketball, Johnson pursued many different careers, such as hosting late night talk shows. Magic Hour And started his own record label, Magic Johnson Music. The basketball legend has invested in many smart businesses, including Starbucks and PepsiCo. Dr. Fawcett is known for his relationship with COVID-19 research and prevention, but Johnson is a man who remembers all the work he did with various infectious diseases.

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