Malia, Sasha Obama’s paparazzi encounter has raised security concerns

Malia Obama And Sasha Obama Growing up in front of the camera. The pair were bombed by paparazzi at a recent reunion in LAX. How can this be? How could it be? Shouldn’t the Secret Service have been there to stop it? As can be expected from the century-old agency, it is complex.

Obama Airport Reunion

Photos snapped by TMZ, We know Malia and Sasha Obama have just reunited at LAX. Malia was flying and Sasha was waiting for her there. The two danced a little reunion at the gate and Sasha helped her sister understand her luggage. Malia is now working as a screenwriter while Sasha is reportedly studying at USC.

The video is beautiful and all, but it raises some serious questions about security The paparazzi were able to get dangerously close to the ex-first daughters. It makes some people on Twitter wonder where the secret service is.

Another hoped that the security details of the president were simply out of sight.

Former Presidential Act

Time for a bit of a history lesson. In 1865 Abraham Lincoln established the Secret Service to help prevent counterfeit currency epidemics. When William McKinley was assassinated in 1901, the organization shifted its focus to presidential protection.

Since then, protection has gradually increased. In 1965, presidents received lifelong protection. Bill Clinton revised it at the post office for just 10 years, with Barack Obama reinstating a lifetime guarantee decades later. For the children of the president, it depends on the president.

The former Presidential Protection Act of 2012 states that the children of the President will be protected until they reach the age of 16. Now that Malia and Sasha are both in their 20’s, it’s logical to explain why there was no security.

Moving forward, what kind of protection a family can expect in the post-presidential period depends largely on the particular president. Donald Trump has confirmed that his adult children will receive Secret Service protection for six months after leaving office.

There are other options

Although Barak will always be protected by the Secret Service, his daughters will no longer have the same guaranteed protection. Personal security is always an option. One only has to look at Prince Harry to see the work. He and Megan Merkel are actually guarded by one of Obama’s former Secret Service agents. What a small world.

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