Mark Harmon thinks Elizabeth Taylor will fire him from the movie

Mark Harmon Leroy is best known for playing at Gibbs NCIS, But has his entire career off the show. He got to work with once Elizabeth Taylor In a TV movie, and she almost kicked him out. Let’s find out what happened.

Harmon before Gibbs

Before he became Detective Gibbs, Harmon was a football star. He was an NJCAA All-American and later started for the USC. She began acting in commercials outside of college before appearing as a guest in television and TV movies. She was nominated for an Emmy Award in 1977 Eleanor and Franklin: Years at the White House.

Before his big break as Dr. Robert Caldwell, Harmon wandered around the television in the late seventies. St. Elsewhere. His name was PeopleSexist Man Alive in 1986, the same year he released Soap. Over the next decade, shows like his had long runs Chicago Hope, Moonlight, And Reasonable suspicionWhile acting in many TV movies.

Elizabeth Taylor and The Sweet Bird of Youth

In an interview Late showStephen Colbert presents Harmon with an explosion of the past: a promotional still with Taylor of 1989 Sweet bird of youth. “He was so funny,” Harmon said. Harmon says Taylor was a complete professional … for his eight-hour contract, but he would not work outside of it. Harmon struggles to work with his stand-in.

One day, Taylor was working two hours after eight hours and making sure everyone knew it. With the cast and crew rushing to prepare the shots, Taylor froze everyone on the set. Harmon says he whispered, “All I have to say is that I was here for more than two hours today, which I wasn’t supposed to be.”

Standing behind her at her mark, Harmon replied, “Hey Elizabeth, all I want to say is welcome to the F-Ing Club.” Taylor didn’t like his barb but sat up for another twenty minutes. He got up and left until the director was ready to take action.

Thought he would be fired

At the time of the incident, Harmon thought his job was done, but the truth was the opposite. Harmon reveals that he was there all day for the rest of the shooting to do what needed to be done. Once the filming was over, Taylor threw a wrapping party in her place. It was his custom to give presents to people as they left, and he watched them unfold.

For Harmon, he gave her a stiff gold watch. On the back, he engraved it: “MH, two hours tick-tock, love it.” An incredible story and a beautiful story of the clash of generations.

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