Meghan McCain celebrates her husband’s new job, her Fox News podcast

Meghan McCain He is not the only one in his family who is a big name in the political media. She recently went on Instagram to celebrate her husband, Ben DomenichAnd give her fans an update on what will happen in one of her current projects, as well as the promotion of her impressive work.

McCain congratulates husband: ‘I’m proud of Ben’

“Big news in our house,” McCain captioned a screenshot with the caption, “Outkick learns that The Spectator will name Ben Dominic as its editor.” McCain congratulated her husband on the promotion, she said The audience “It’s a publication I’ve been reading religiously for years.”

“I am so proud of Ben and his voice in the media when others are afraid to speak up,” his caption continued. “(Also don’t worry, he’s not leaving Fox or his podcast!)”

The audience It is the world’s oldest weekly magazine, first published in 1828. In 2020, it became the longest-running Current Affairs Magazine to date and the first to publish 10,000 issues.

Dominic’s writing history

Domenek was a political commentator when he started writing a column as a teenager. National Review Online, Is called “any given Sunday”. He also ran his own personal blog. At the age of 15, Domenek contributed to such notable publications The Washington Times, Humanitarian events, Because Magazines, American conservativeAnd The Washington Post.

He has continued to write for various publications, providing his views on issues such as the Occupy Wall Street movement, the Affordable Care Act, and the Me Too movement.

His Plagiarism scandal

However, Dominic blew up part of his controversy. One of the biggest issues was when he was accused of plagiarism by various other online bloggers from various publications and authors, including The Washington Post, New YorkerHumor writer PJ O’Rourke, and political writer Mary Elizabeth Williams.

Domenech initially denied the allegations, but eventually posted an apology on his website, saying “there is no excuse for that – or any ambiguity in my earlier statement. Believe in movements and policies that will be badly reflected.

Dominic and McCain announced their engagement in 2017, tying the knot later that year. The couple welcomed a daughter, Liberty, in 2020. He and Domenic are a conservative power couple, both sharing their thoughts on podcasts, television and in writing. The title of Dominic’s new job is obviously a cause for celebration for the couple.

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