Meghan Merkel allegedly ‘cries out to Harry’ over claims of anonymous sources

Is Meghan Merkel Secretly shortened Prince Harry Behind closed doors? A tabloid claims that the Duchess of Sussex pushed her husband to tears. Here’s what we know.

Palace in ‘panic’ after the latest royal say?

This week, In contact According to the report, the royal family is in turmoil following the latest bombing of the Royal Tel-Al. The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor – The Truth and the Terminal By Tina Brown “Because the queen is not healthy and this is her platinum jubilee, where she is celebrating 70 years on the throne, the timing could not have been worse,” said an inside meal. “This is the last thing he needs at the age of 96. The opening of the book … has shaken the family and their courtiers, and the palace is in a state of panic.”

And sources say the revelations about Prince Harry and Megan Merkel’s relationship were groundbreaking. Apparently, a colleague accused Sussex of having a “mutual addiction to drama” and revealed that Merkel “could not resist what was offered at the celebrity buffet.” But when it comes to the couple’s royal departure, Brown insists that Harry played a more active role than the media gave him. “The decision, with acceleration from Megan, was Harry’s,” Brown wrote. “She can be so demanding, she cries out to Harry.”

Meghan Merkel is threatening Harry?

Whenever a so-called “royal expert” writes a new book, you can bet that the tabloids have rocked every page, bookmarking every tempting claim within hours of publication. But these outlets consistently exaggerate the generosity of these claims. All of this is great entertainment for royalty, but everyone who has picked up these books knows that they are just gossip. These may be presented as more formal than the average internet rumor, but they are still heard only through the bias of anyone sharing them.

And the general impression of Brown’s new book is the same. No one finds it more credible than the other royal tales; In fact, readers are noticing that the book is unusually harsh on Prince Harry and Megan Merkel. That being said, no one is “in panic”. Members of the royal family usually ignore this kind of release and we seriously doubt that it is going to change. And since Sussex recently announced that they will be taking part in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee next month, things seem to be going less smoothly than usual within the royal family.

Magazine on Harry and Megan

Of course, this is not surprising In contact Would reveal such a misleading story about Sussex. Last year, the outlet reported that Kate Middleton had banned Meghan Merkel from Prince Philip’s funeral. The magazine then claims that Merkel and Harry fought extensively in New York and did not speak to each other for 24 hours. And recently, the publication complained that Harry and Merkel were “desperate for cash” and using the Queen for her money. Obviously, In contact Sussex is concerned wherever it is not the most reliable source.

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