Meghan Merkel allegedly demanded access to every meeting to keep Prince Harry

Is Meghan Merkel Panicked Prince Harry Abandoning him to return to royal life? A tabloid claims that the Duchess is doing her best to keep Harry missing in the UK. Here’s what we know.

‘Freaking out’ about Meghan Merkel’s return to England?

Latest version They Megan Merkel is worried about her and Prince Harry’s return to the UK. Merkel began to worry after Harry attended a polo match in Santa Barbara last week, the report said. Sources say Merkel’s biggest fear is that Harry is going to miss the trap of royal life and he will return to the decision to give up everything. And when they returned to London to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee, Merkel was on the edge.

In the words of an insider, “Meghan is worried about the jubilee.” And members of the royal family will get their fingernails on Harry … Meghan insists she will be included in every meeting to keep everything under her control. She’s worried that everyone will agree and that they will agree to let her go home. “Indeed, Tipster claims that Merkel is considering a full back-out.” If he goes, it will be on his terms, “said Snitch.

Is Meghan Merkel trying to keep Prince Harry ‘under her control’?

What do we know about this story: A shameless attempt to make Meghan Merkel a villain. Let’s really take a critical look at this story. Sussex is not allowing rats into their private circles. But how is the magazine getting this story? Well, the most obvious answer is that its “tipstar” made the whole thing. And since Harry and Merkel landed in London without a hitch, that really seems to be the case.

In the jubilee photos, Merkel is seen playing with some royal children. Clearly, Merkel is not “terrible” about returning to London. We would even assume that he is enjoying seeing the country again without the pressure of a royal job.

A checkered history of past reports

We are immediately skeptical of anything They Wrote about Megan Merkel. This same tabloid once published a story claiming that Merkel was abandoned by the royal family because of her alleged history of plastic surgery. The outlet then accused Merkel and Harry of being “bosses from hell.” And more recently, the publication claims that Prince William banned Merkel and Harry from the balcony during Trooping the Color against the Queen’s wishes. Obviously, They There is nothing verifiable about the Duchess of Sussex.

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