Meghan Merkel allegedly feels trapped in California after the disaster

Is Prince Harry And Meghan Merkel Trying to escape California? Rumor has it, the Duke and Duchess’s reputation has suffered some serious setbacks and they are desperate to avoid retaliation. Let’s check in on Harry and Merkel’s ongoing plans.

Prince Harry, Megan Merkel near divorce?

A couple of months ago, d National Investigator The honeymoon of Prince Harry and Megan Merkel is over and they are ready to sell their house. Apparently, the couple was unwilling to pay property taxes on their Montesito home, and the “ribbon smell” around the property was driving them away. And as the couple struggled to create content for their streaming deals, it became clear that the couple was on top of their heads. And sources warned the outlet that their marriage could not last long under the pressure of Hollywood.

But the outlet’s muzzling about how Sussex would fight to pay for the divorce was a complete lie. They did not have to sell any property to finance their separation. It was clear that they were together all this time because they loved each other and we had no reason to believe that it had changed. And since the couple didn’t actually put their home on the market yet, we had a lot of holes to take this story seriously.

Feeling ‘very unpopular’ in Sussex California?

Then Globe Reported that “Diva Duchess” Meghan Merkel and “Henpacked” Prince Harry were fighting for socialization in Hollywood, so they were raising it high in New York City. “They have huge plans to become the king and queen of the city and have succeeded where they failed miserably in Hollywood,” an insider said. But Tipster revealed that Sussex was in for a rude awakening at the Big Apple. “Most Manhattan circles have no tolerance for divas and looted brats,” the source said.

Of course, we quickly found out that the magazine relied on an old rumor that Sussex was hunting apartments during their NYC tour. Significantly, the couple was not looking for a new place to live, and they soon returned to dig their west coast. Although it has been definitively whispered that they want to move, most of the signs indicate that they are staying in California, since despite the outlet’s claim, they have plenty of friends there.

Meghan Merkel Feeling ‘Trapped’ in California?

Then All right! It has been reported that Meghan Merkel is still struggling to cope with her newfound fame. Although royal life had its own traps, sources said the California paparazzi did not even allow him to leave the house. “The house is the only palace he feels completely safe in, and he likes to keep it a secret,” said one insider. “It must feel like Meghan is living in a golden cage.”

This report seemed strangely unnecessary. Yes, Merkel has a level of fame that makes it impossible to lead a normal life. But the outlet has forgotten that Sussex still has a level of independence in California that they never even dreamed of in the UK. The tendency to be under Merkel’s radar does not mean that she is trapped. Honestly, if we had that palace, we wouldn’t feel the need to leave home. These publications will obviously say something to paint Sussex in a bad light and they are under no pressure to prove any of their tempting claims.

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