Meghan Merkel has been accused of “disrespectful and childish” gestures

Did Meghan Merkel Secretly little Kate Middleton During his tenure in the UK? A tabloid claims that the Duchess of Sussex annoyed her brother-in-law during the jubilee celebrations. Let’s take a closer look at this rumor.

Meghan Merkel’s ‘passive aggressive’ behavior

This week, New ideas Kate Middleton was reportedly devastated when Prince Harry returned to the kingdom without sitting with her and Prince William. “Kate is very upset. She really hoped that Harry could spend more time in London so they could all spend time together,” a royal insider spread. However, sources said that his warm greetings did not extend to Meghan Merkel. Apparently, the Duchess of Cambridge did everything in her power to avoid her brother-in-law during the celebrations.

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The article emphasizes that Harry and Merkel were not influenced by the behavior of the royal family. Insiders say Sussex expected a “warm welcome”, so they no longer feel invited. But a “body language expert” tells the tabloids that Merkel was the one who sent the most negative energy. “Katherine was very neutral throughout [Service of Thanksgiving]”Expert note.” But Meghan has a strong passive-aggressive [move] Katherine nodded as she walked past him, which was disrespectful and childish. “

Meghan Merkel dashed ‘Happy Reunion’?

If Meghan Merkel really took a “strong passive-aggressive step” towards Kate Middleton during the massively broadcast Thanksgiving service, we’ve heard about it from countless other sources so far. The church had cameras across every inch, but this “body-language expert” was so outraged that the moment didn’t seem to capture any of the big broadcasts. So, either it didn’t happen, or the moment was so subtle that no other celebrity gossip magazine noticed.

We are also skeptical of the claim that Kate Middleton was devastated to hear of Harry’s speedy return to the kingdom. According to other gossip sites, the door to Cambridge was open during a trip to Sussex. Some outlets are even reporting that Harry and Merkel were upset after Prince William and Middleton failed to attend Lilliput’s first birthday party.

Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Only those families who really know how Sussex and Cambridge are coming together. And since we know that neither side is allowing any information to go to random tabloids, we feel comfortable dismissing this report altogether.

The Magazine on the Sussex

Of course, we know better than to believe New ideas In this regard. A few days ago, the outlet reported that Meghan Merkel was angry with Prince William after he had extended an olive branch. The magazine then claimed that Prince Charles was offering Sussex a িয়ন 100 million palace if they returned to the UK. And recently, the publication claims that Harry’s family is reaching out to him, urging him to stop his wife. Obviously, New ideas The personal life of the British royal family does not match with reality.

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