Meghan Merkel is fighting to recruit or retain staff amid allegations of abusive language

Is Meghan Merkel Impossible to work for? A tabloid has claimed that the Duchess of Sussex cannot keep an employee in the rumor that he is an “insulting rioter”. Let’s take a look at the latest installment of the “Duchess Difficult” story.

Meghan Merkel’s staff ‘leaving the ship’?

Latest version Globe The report states that Megan Merkel is an irreplaceable rapist, unable to treat her staff with any respect. The article begins by revealing that Merkel’s head of public relations, Toya Holness, has parted ways with the royal family, giving way to rumors that it is difficult for Merkel to work. It also noted that Sussex lost Catherine Saint-Laurent as their nonprofit director last year. An internal complaint said, “These two have made a dozen workers who have left Megan just four years after she tied the knot with Harry in May 2018.”

“It promotes a lot more talk and discussion that the Duchess is the boss from Hell, who insults the staff despite pushing a waking agenda among the public.” Merkel has vehemently denied any wrongdoing since allegations of her behavior first surfaced in 2018. But sources say the palace’s random investigation into the claim failed to release him. “Looks like the firm won’t do anything,” laments another tipstar. “Meghan insisted that the intimidation claims were a smear campaign, yet the workers are resigning. It is giving her another black eye.”

Is Meghan Merkel ‘Boss from Hell’?

People leave their jobs for many reasons that do not involve abuse. Although Merkel’s critics inevitably come to this conclusion after hearing about Holness’s departure, we have absolutely no evidence that Holness had an unpleasant experience at Merkel’s job.

It is clear that the story was locked and loaded into tabloids long before the Holocaust aboard. But the problem is, no one gave a reason for Holness’s departure. The move is so fresh that Holness’s LinkedIn profile still says he is “Archwell’s communications chief” just days after the story was published. These rumors are wildly premature. And the tabloid’s flamboyant bias against Meghan Merkel makes it impossible to believe anywhere the Duchess is concerned.

The tabloid on Megan Merkel

Of course, we can tell from GlobeMerkel’s past reporting that it would never treat her fairly. Last year, the magazine accused Prince Harry and Merkel of cracking down on a charity for $ 110K. The outlet then reported that Harry and Merkel were “neighbors of hell.” And more recently, the publication complained that Harry Merkel is stuck in a “life he hates.” Apparently, the Globe It is for the Duchess of Sussex.

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