Meghan Merkel, Prince Harry accused of panic over losing $ 100M Netflix deal

Is Prince Harry And Meghan Merkel Faced with financial danger? Sussex lost just 100 million as Netflix canceled their animated series, according to a report. Pearls. Gossip Cop Investigates

‘Meghan and Harry under pressure’

Per Lifestyle, Netflix is ​​pressuring Harry and Merkel for lack of content The two signed a 100 100 million deal in 2020, yet they have yet to create anything. With Netflix’s stock crashing, the streaming giant is supposedly getting annoyed.

“The news is that Pearls Was dropped as a shock to Meghan, “says a source.” She and Harry are praying that their Invictus Games documentary will do well because they desperately need to prove that they are worth the money Netflix gave them. ”

Netflix is ​​also carrying an expensive travel bill to Sussex in the Netherlands for the movie Heart of Invictus. The pressure is on for Merkel and Harry to create something that people want to see. Insiders concluded, “Netflix is ​​their biggest deal, and losing it would be a huge shock.”

What should Harry and Megan worry about?

If it is unclear Lifestyle Understands how the Netflix deal works. They don’t just cut a check for $ 100 million and call it a day. It is a partnership that should continue year after year and through many projects. Creating content takes time, especially when a project is a documentary of an event that hasn’t happened yet.

Merkel is reportedly shopping Pearls Hoping to find a new home around. Whatever it is: Harry and Markle don’t need Netflix. As Gossip Cop Proved many times to count with Sussex, they loaded. Both were millionaires before coming to the US and probably have already cashed some checks from Spotify and Netflix.

In addition, their partnership with Netflix rarely ends. Heart of Invictus Not out for a while, and it has been confirmed that they are documenting their lives. Pearls Getting the ax in an unprecedented crash in business was one of the many Netflix properties. Netflix is ​​still a partner and beneficiary of this royal family. This story is fake.

Lots of Prince Harry myths

Lifestyle Rarely a good source for news about Sussex. It once claimed that there was a crush on Prince Charles Merkel. That was gross and false. Last year, Harry and Merkel were thought to be on the verge of divorce after much arguing. They were still very happily married, so it was fake.

The tabloid announced that Merkel was refusing to allow Queen Elizabeth to visit her children. Those kids were supposed to come to the UK for the Platinum Jubilee, so those formulas weren’t remotely accurate.

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