Meghan Merkel, rumor has it Prince Harry is supposed to be ‘secretly flirting’

Is Meghan Merkel Demonstrating toxic behavior in his relationship with Prince Harry? There are rumors that the Duchess’s regulatory tendencies are affecting her husband’s mental health. Here is the latest gossip about Sussex.

‘Totally taken’ by Prince Harry Meghan Merkel?

Last month, Women’s Day Meghan Merkel has revealed that Prince Harry has become a completely different person. “He is so mentally destitute that he has been completely and utterly occupied by Megan,” the so-called “royal expert” said. “It simply came to our notice then. [Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle website] And he has to get out of hell, go to the pub and see his companions. “

But we immediately recognized what the story was about: an attempt to portray Merkel as an evil villain who brainwashed Harry to leave his family for her. But if you are based on reality, you will quickly realize that this is not the case. Whether you love them or hate them, you cannot pretend that Harry did not act on his own will. He made it clear that he had given up his life as a hardworking monarch out of his own will and that he would one day “wake up” and not change his mind.

Is Prince Harry ‘secretly flirting’ because of Meghan Merkel?

Then, Lifestyle Prince Harry’s friends are reportedly worried about his health. “When Harry first moved, he was very calm and excited to start anew. Friends were thrilled that she had finally found happiness, ”recalls one tipster. However, the source claimed that the situation changed as soon as Harry resumed work. “Since signing big deals with Netflix, Spotify and others, he’s been behaving weirdly,” admits one tipstar. “Harry is inexperienced in the entertainment industry and didn’t know what he was getting into … He was stupid and friends thought he was bitten more than he was chewed.” The source drones about how life in Hollywood is dragging him down and how his Netflix projects are definitely affecting his mental health.

But we remind readers that no one is forcing Harry to act. The prince has been passionate about his job all this time, and recently he filmed his passion project – a docusari after the orchestration of the Invictus Games. All we can say is that Harry’s life and mental health have improved since he moved to the United States. And some suspicious reports from an unreliable outlet are not going to change our minds about it.

Meghan Merkel ‘makes Harry cry’?

Finally, In contact Tina Brown describes the shocking claims made in the Royal Tale-All, The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor — The Truth and the Terminal. According to the outlet, the royalty was terrified of the book. “Since the Queen is not healthy and this is her Platinum Jubilee, where she is celebrating 70 years on the throne, the time could not have been worse,” explained a Snitch. But sources said it was really Sussex’s concern. According to Brown’s book, Meghan Merkel pushed Prince Harry far more than he recovered. Brown writes, “He can be so demanding, he makes Harry cry.

Still, we didn’t fall for the tabloid orchestrated panic. The Royal Tale-All is no more credible than the tabloid gossip, and Brown’s book was no different. And after some research, it seems that a lot of readers have noticed that Brown’s book has been unfairly vacated in Sussex. Nonetheless, no one in the royal family অন্ত including Harry and Merkel seems to be planning to make the alluring book a reality.

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