Meghan Merkel’s brother has seen a change in Prince Harry since the marriage

Of Megan Merkel Her family’s ancestral side has not made her life easier since she joined the British royal family. However, it is usually his father Thomas Sr.. Or his older sister Samantha is causing problems for the Duchess of Sussex. Meghan’s brother, Thomas Jr., however, has been a potter in the past, and his recent appearance on a reality TV show has given him another chance to throw dirt on the Duchess. The Big Brother: Australia Alum last visited her sister in person and talked about her assessment Prince Harry Happiness after marrying Meghan.

Members of Meghan Merkel’s controversial family

Generally speaking, Megan Merkel can’t get along well with her father’s family. Although she enjoys a close relationship with her mother Doria Ragland, her relationship with her father Thomas Merkel Sr., sister Samantha and brother Thomas Jr. has been significantly colder since she married Prince Harry in 2018.

As Samantha recently unveiled on Twitter as a vocalist Meghan Troll, her father’s almost endless insult to both her and her husband, Thomas Jr. also took every opportunity to hold an end to her family feud. He once wrote an open letter to Prince Harry advising him to reconsider marrying Meghan a few days before the two tied the knot.

Meghan’s brother is not her biggest fan

She referred to her sister as a “depressed, shallow, arrogant woman who would joke about you and the royal family tradition.” The main thrust of her complaint seemed to stem from the fact that she and others in the family were not invited to the wedding. Over the years and during his presence his tone does not seem to have changed much Big Brother: Australia Towards the end of last year, he doubled down on his caustic letter claims.

“Last time [I saw her] My grandmother was at the funeral in 2011, and after that she started her journey and moved to Canada, ”recalls another contestant, Thomas Jr. Meghan lived in Canada during the shooting of her USA show Suite. Thomas Jr. continued, “We’ve been close before,” adding, “Money has changed him, money and fame have made his head hurt. I guess when you meet one percent of society – that’s probably what happened to him before. There was nothing. ”

Thomas Jr. in Megan’s first marriage

Thomas Jr. also talks about Meghan’s first husband, Trevor Engelton, who says he “walked over to her and threw her away,” although Engelton “took care of her. She was worshiped by him.” He added, “After getting married, he mailed her the ring – is it cold or not?”

He added ominously, “Harry is in the next chopping block.” Thomas Jr. was brief about how Harry’s life has been cut short since he married Meghan. “The only difference between now and then is that he had a smile on his face in all the previous photos, but not all the ones after him.”

How would he possibly know?

To be fair to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, it is not entirely true that Prince Harry smiles less frequently. Some royal experts say the exact opposite of the red-haired prince. Not to be outdone, but Thomas Jr. apparently hasn’t had much contact with Meghan in his own confession for more than ten years, so please forgive us for not taking his claims about his younger sister too seriously. We’ll hear about a valet before him because valet has probably seen Meghan physically in the last decade. How would Thomas Jr. know something about his life today if he wasn’t allowed to be a part of it?

As always, there’s no denying that Megan’s family members are vocal about how she’s torn apart the family. It is clear that this abuse is only going one way, as Meghan does not speak openly about her family members.

He once said something during his interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021 where he emphasized that he had very little to do with his sister’s upbringing. He said he was originally raised as an only child, which meant his sister was 17 years older than him and had been raised by another mother despite sharing a father with Meghan.

However, Samantha did not appreciate that description and filed a defamation suit against Meghan earlier this year, claiming that Meghan had damaged her book sales. If any “unconscious, shallow, arrogant” people are found in this situation, it seems fairly easy to find out who they are.

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