Meghan Merkel’s sister’s court claims could be hour-long statements

Meghan Merkel A case with her estranged honest sister is in the early stages Samantha Merkel. Samantha’s new demand could take the load of Meghan’s time. Here is what he wants.

A Merkel family refresher

Thomas Merkel once married Roslyn Loveless Merkel. Together they had two children: Samantha and Thomas Jr. When Thomas and Rosilin divorced in 1975, he soon met Doria Ragland. The two were married before the divorce two years later and they had a daughter, Meghan.

A few years later, the divorce was finalized. For some time, Meghan was close to both her parents. Her father was invited to her wedding to Prince Harry, but then things changed. Thomas hired a paparazzi to photograph her around Britain, and Meghan’s letters began leaking to the press against her will. He is now one of Meghan’s fiercest critics.

Samantha has followed in her father’s footsteps. He and Meghan were quite estranged before the royal wedding, but that didn’t stop Samantha from noticing her honest sister in the press. He blames Meghan for Thomas’ recent stroke and is suing Meghan for character defamation. It’s a big ugly mess.

The latest in the case

In a civil case filed earlier this year, the notorious Oprah Winfrey is taking Samantha Meghan to court for her interviews and comments on the book. The search for freedom. Samantha is outraged by Meghan’s comments about the two being “virtual sisters” and she is making false accusations against Meghan for spreading a rag-to-rich story.

The latest twist comes from Tate-a-Tate among the sisters’ lawyers. Samantha asks a judge to order Meghan to sit down for a statement that could last up to seven hours. Most civil cases end well before they reach trial, but Samantha and her lawyers say they want to see a jury. He is seeking more than $ 75,000 in damages.

Meghan Merkel’s lawyers are firing back

Meanwhile, Meghan’s team of lawyers, including those representing Michael Jackson’s estate and Kim Kardashian, have already filed a bid to dismiss the case. The party argued that “this is a defamation suit without any qualifications.” In particular, they are quoting the fact that Meghan did not write The search for freedomWriting: “The author of The search for freedom Megan wrote the book or otherwise controlled its writing and editing. “

A judge will rule on whether the case can proceed by June 3. If so, it is safe to say that Meghan was determined to get out of the seven-hour standoff.

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