Michael Strahan opens up about emotions in a clear video

Michael Strahan Usually presents a confident and cheerful front Good morning America Listeners, but the Morning Show host recently went to Instagram to share some thoughts about the vulnerability with her followers.

Strahan encourages fans: ‘Don’t be afraid. Ask for help ‘

“Are you afraid to ask for help?” He captioned the video, which looks like his office. “Yeah, I just wanted to come to you and tell you how important it is to ask for help,” Strahan began his video.

“You know, sometimes it’s good to get a different perspective on it from someone who can’t figure things out, that, as they say, is not so close to the tree that they don’t see that you’re in a tree,” said the morning show. Host continues. “That person is moving. You have to move. You have to see the big picture of things.”

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Continuing his inspirational message, Strahan said, “Asking for help can definitely help you, clearly do a lot of things and take a lot of stress out of your life. So, don’t be afraid. Ask for help. The people there want to help. ”

Fans respond: ‘We should not intimidate anyone who needs help’

Strahan’s friends and followers liked the host’s sincere message about asking for help in the morning, and they shared their thoughts in the comments section. Colleagues Good morning America Correspondent Ariel Reshef wrote, “I can’t love this message anymore. Such an important reminder. “

One fan commented, “Thanks for pointing out Michael, no one can reach for fear of embarrassment but we shouldn’t scare anyone who needs help.” Another wrote, “Great advice from a special person.”

Big life change for Strahan

This video is not the only personal message that Strahan recently shared on Instagram. He recently posted a picture of his daughter Sophia on her way to Prom. “I wasn’t ready for the moment to see one of my babies fall in love!” He wrote.

Sophia and her twin, Isabella, will soon be 18, and will probably go to college, leaving Strahan with an empty house. He shares Sophia and Isabella with his ex-wife Jean Mughal. The couple married in 1999 and finalized their divorce in 2006.

While Strahan did not add a personal story as to why he is encouraging fans to seek help in times of need, it is fair to assume that he will be leaning towards friends and family in the coming months as he will be able to adapt to life without his daughters. Stay at home 24/7.

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