Mick Jagger’s so-called wandering eyes, ‘Horndog’ ways are supposedly annoying

Is Mick Jagger And Melania Hamrik Thin ice? A tabloid claims that Hamrick is fighting to put a dent in the rock and roll legend. Here’s what we know.

Mick Jagger ‘got his flirt again’?

This week, National Investigator Mick reports Jagger just can’t be controlled, and it’s starting to wear on his relationship with Melanie Hamrick. Sources say that despite settling with Hamrick in 2014, Jagger is still trying to keep his options open. “Playing on the field is something he said he would never do again, but the man is his own worst enemy,” said an insider. “To be fair, the women throw themselves at her and she’s a sucker for attention from a pretty face, but Melania is disappointed.”

And sources say Hamrick’s desire to tie the knot didn’t help either. “They were going to get married but she’s getting cold feet and changing things and won’t date!” Tipstar food seems to be his last resort right now… he’s shaking women and flirting with smart girls, even shaking up Hollywood genres like Megan Fox. Melania doesn’t think she has to worry about Mick – but it’s always hard to train horned dogs! “

Mick Jagger ‘Roving Again’?

There is no way that Melanie Hamrick, Mick Jagger or anyone close to them is leaking this kind of information on the tabloids. There are some serious uncomfortable allegations in this report, and no one will voluntarily spread such information about their friends – let alone individuals like Jagger and Hamrick. Despite Jagger’s status as a superstar, he and Hamrick keep things pretty low. Honestly, we can’t prove how much time they spend together because they are never seen in photographs together.

And perhaps not even needed, Hamrick still gets consistent work as a professional ballerina. And as far as Jagger goes, he seems to be busy with his own endeavors.

We’re not going to deny that Jagger has a history of being a feminist and that could still be very good. But we don’t see any evidence that Hamrick currently has a weapon in his wandering eye. The last time we saw the couple together on the beach a few months ago, they looked quite anxious. Although something is absolutely possible, we see no cause for concern.

The eyes of other celebrities on the outlet

We are certainly not in a hurry to believe National Investigator In any case, especially when it comes to Mick Jagger. The outlet made a memorable claim last year that Jagger was paranoid that he was going to die. But it shuts down whenever the magazine accuses a celebrity of having “traveling eyes.” Last year, the outlet also claimed that Katie Holmes’ relationship with Emilio Vitolo was ruined because of her “eye for eye”. And the publication even complained that Katherine Zeta-Jones was afraid that Michael Douglas would leave her. Apparently, the Investigator Not a celebrity relationship expert.

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