MSNBC replaces alleged Rachel Maddo with veteran anchor, industry rumors

MSNBC has finally settled on an anchor for replacement Rachel Maddo? The decision to retreat to the popular scholar’s network has put another reporter at the top. Here’s what a tabloid says.

Unexpected anchor ‘calling shot MSNBC’?

This week, National Investigator MSNBC has finally found a replacement for Rachel Maduro, the report said. Apparently, anchor Nicole Wallace has quickly become a favorite of fans on the network, consistently bringing ratings to her 4 pm slot. And now, network executives are reportedly looking at him in the big leagues. “If Nicole could score over a million viewers in her sleepy afternoon time slot, can you imagine what she would get in prime time?” An internal question. “Nicole is the new queen of MSNBC!”

MSNBC replaces Rachel Maddox?

So, is Nicole Wallace going to pick up Rachel Maduro’s alluring 9 pm slot on MSNBC? We have absolutely no way of knowing where he stands in the line, which means the tabloids probably jumped on the gun with this story. Notably, this is not the first time Wallace has been named as a possible replacement for Maddox. As of September, NBC executives said Nicole was “the most obvious internal candidate” to replace Maddox. So, this tabloid report is not exactly groundbreaking.

But it doesn’t look like MSNBC is still looking to replace Maddox directly. Maddox decided to scale his show once a week earlier this month, which means he’s not just disappearing. For now, the network seems to be filling its time slot MSNBC Prime—Which, all purpose and purpose, is Rachel Maddo Show without Maddox. The show is currently being hosted by Anchor Ali Velshi, but it’s not clear how long this arrangement will last, and the network could see another switch-up in a hat drop.

Still, it’s clear that this outlet was just blowing smoke. No one knows what the future holds for Maduro’s primetime slot-it doesn’t look like the network still knows. So it’s a bit premature to start calling Wallace the “new queen of MSNBC.”

More MSNBC gossip from tabloids

The National Investigator Constantly gossiping about MSNBC’s lineup, but the tabloids are getting smaller. In March, the outlet reported that MSNBC was considering replacing Maddo with Chuck Todd. The newspaper then claims Morning JoeIts Mika Brzezinski was creating a toxic work environment. And most recently, tabloid allegations Brzezinski was at risk of being victimized by CNN. Apparently, the Investigator There really are no spies hiding around MSNBC.

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