MSNBC’s Katie Tur reporter guardian who has covered huge stories from the 1990s

Cut the tur He is not his family’s first reporter for MSNBC. Joey TurKatie, who calls herself a father, is a skilled journalist herself, breaking one of the biggest news stories of the 1990s. Let’s find out his story.

Joey Tur, pilot and reporter

Katie Tur’s parents are Marika Gerard and Joey Tur. Zoey emerged as a transgender in 2013 and underwent gender reassignment surgery and hormone replacement therapy in 2014. He has legally changed his name and gender identifier Katie still refers to Joey as “Dad”, but all his pronouns are female.

Joey and Gerard founded the Los Angeles News Service. Their purpose was to try to spread the news by running to the scene. The two eventually bought a helicopter. Joey was the pilot when Gerard hung from the side of the plane as a photographer.

Huge story covering

Together, Gerard and Joey cover some of the greatest stories of the 1990s. The duo captured one of the most iconic images of the LA riots: the beating of Reginald Denny. They flew over Shaun Payne and Madonna’s wedding in 1995 and covered the 1994 Northridge earthquake.

Perhaps the most famous story of this pair was the infamous white Bronco Chase. Joey had an idea that Oz Simpson would visit Nicole Brown Simpson’s grave. He flew towards it and became the first person to broadcast a terrible car chase. After Joey will be interviewed for the Academy Award winning documentary OJ: Made in AmericaWhere most of his and Gerard’s footage has been used.

Family separation

The Los Angeles News Service will contract with almost every major network in the Bay Area, and in the process the family has acquired three EMIs. Despite their success, or perhaps thanks to it, Joey and Gerard broke up in 2003.

In the 2020 documentary Hurleybird, Zoey describes in detail how her mood has damaged her family. “My biggest fear was becoming my father and I became my father,” he said, verbally admitting to being abusive and angry. He further added that he was “admirable already dead” to his daughter Katie and son Jamie.

Katie and Joey have been separated for some time. Katie denies that it has anything to do with Joey’s change. Katie’s husband, Tony Dokupil, was able to reunite with his drug-dealing father knowing that there was hope for Turkey, too.

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