MSNBC’s Katie Tur’s husband had a wonderful upbringing with a weed trader

Newscaster Katie Tur And Tony Dokupil Married in 2017 and raising two children together. Dokoupil has worked hard to come to terms with his own hardships. This is the story.

Cut tur weed import father-in-law

CBS this morning Host Tony Dokoupil has grown up in luxury. His family had their own yacht. Tony’s father, Anthony Dockupill, left the family when Tony was only six years old and they left the millionaire overnight. Unknown to Tony at the time, his father was a drug dealer.

Anthony used to deal in marijuana, and he wasn’t a small dealer then. He is accused of importing, 35,000 worth of pots. The income paid for a luxurious life, but Tony said his father soon blew it up for self-destruction: his father “broke a basic rule of use and became an addict himself. Coke and Hooker, for the most part,” Tony wrote.

Tony Ducupil’s family business

Drugs were also a family business. Tony’s mother kept financial books for her husband but avoided any punishment. He did not tell his son about his father’s crime. It wasn’t until he began a career in journalism and began research that he was discovered. “I thought he bought and sold real estate in New England – all he did was rain down marijuana all over the Northeast,” Tony later said.

Tony went to write a memoir about his family, The Last Pirate, Where he discusses his confusing family tree. Anthony did not bother to look at the book, but told his son: “It’s nice to see my past come out. I liked being a smuggler. The crimes I committed were tortured. No one was injured. I have never cheated on anyone. “She is happy that her experience can help her son’s career.

According to Tony, his father was a “very principled cannabis dealer” who believed in the drugs he was selling. He thought he was “importing something like that.” [brought] Love and happiness in the world. ”The profits of his business were enough to support his family, until everything was taken care of.

How are they now?

Anthony has spent years in prison for his crimes, but it seems that Anthony and Tony are in a relationship again. Anthony lived with Tony and Tur until 2019, where he developed a relationship with his grandchildren. One can only imagine how shocked Tony was to learn that his father was not a real estate broker, but one of the more successful drug dealers in Miami.

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