NCIS has been accused of harassing Gary Cole for failing to replace crew Mark Harmon.

Is Gary Cole Wearing her welcome NCIS? A report says he failed to replace properly Mark Harmon And suffering because of the cast. Gossip Cop Investigates

‘No Harmon-Y’ for NCIS Cole

According to National InvestigatorCole is fighting for his life to replace Harmon as his leader NCIS. Fans and cast members alike have reportedly been disappointed with his efforts. “Gary is desperate to fill Mark’s shoes and match the other series’ regulars, and it’s kind of sad,” said one source.

Despite his best efforts to integrate himself into these peers, Cole is apparently seen as more annoying than anything else. He likes to imitate the voice he has made Family members Tried to lighten the mood but to no avail. A source said he was trying very hard: “The show has taken a break, he is still texting and advising co-stars to tell jokes and stories and get together.” It’s just desperate. “

Presumably the fans didn’t even embrace Cole. “Gary is trying to win the hearts of the fans, openly saying that he is not trying to replace Mark. But they don’t really like him as much as Mark, “an internal conclusion.” People make fun of Gary, a poor man’s version of Mark, and he doesn’t do himself any favors with his arrogant attitude. “

Gary Cole faces an uphill battle

It is interesting to see the tabloids change their attack mode. A few months ago, r Globe Claimed NCIS Canceled because Harmon left the show almost two decades later. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; Since Cole is clearly well received by power brokers on CBS, Investigator A new way of making plays had to be found.

It’s true that fans are reluctant to embrace Cole. The fact is that fans miss Harmon. He left a huge hole in the show that would take more than a year to fill. You can’t spend 18 years on a show and then have no fanfare.

Cole is very aware of this. He was outspoken about not trying to replace Gibbs. Cole says, “I’ve been to a lot of shows, [usually] As a recurring character. Part of my job description is to be comfortable, whatever. I’m not trying to be [Gibbs]. The writers made that difference. “The life of a character actor means he has the experience to get used to the new situation.

Lots of old rumors

There is no evidence that Gary Cole is abusive to his colleagues. Even if he texts people during breaks, how about? Investigator Even know about it? Moreover, there are many more unpleasant stories about Harmon’s on-set behavior than Cole. This tabloid doesn’t mention it as it would break this silly story.

Gossip Cop This outlet has already been blown up for a similar story. It announced that Harmon was fighting Cole for the future NCIS. Harmon has left firmly on his own terms, and the door is open for him to return. It also discovered a rivalry between Harmon and Tom Selek. Needless to say, this tabloid has no idea what is actually going on with Hormone and NCIS. Since the show has been renewed, Cole is here to stay.

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