Neil Patrick served the same graphic ‘Corps of Amy Winehouse’ cake at the Harris Party

Neil Patrick Harris A favorite actor from his role in Sitcom How I met your mom, Appearances on Broadway, cameo in hit movies. However, the actor recently came under fire after throwing a picture of a Halloween party in 2011.

Death of Amy Winehouse

In 2011, the world was shocked to learn that Amy Weinhouse had died at the age of 27. It was determined that he had died of alcohol poisoning The singer has struggled with drug and alcohol abuse for many years, and his open battle with addiction often makes him a target in the media.

Comedians made fun of her for substance abuse, and the internet was full of flashy comments about her appearance and her addiction problems. Even after his death, Winehouse continued to be the butt of inappropriate jokes, one of which was made by Harris.

Harris’s disgusting Halloween decorations

A few months after the singer’s death, Harris threw a Halloween party. One of the guests, Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s now-husband Justin Mikita, tweeted a picture of a cake served at a Halloween party.

“Look who showed @ActuallyNPH & ourGourmetMD’s Halloween party last night. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. Attached was a picture of a cake made to look like a decayed corpse playing with Winehouse’s signature jet-black hair. There was also a sign on the side of the cake that read “Amy Winehouse Corpse.”

Mikita’s tweet was quickly deleted, and Harris and her husband, David Bartka, never received a public response for serving such a sensitive and inappropriate food item. Most people forgot about the uncomfortable cake, but author Ashley Rees revived people’s anger when she tweeted about it.

“I can’t believe how many online people over the age of 25 are now finding out about Neil Patrick Harris’ infamous Amy Winehouse cake …” he wrote. “Yes, Neil Patrick Harris was literally a cake for Halloween mimicking Amy Winehouse’s corpse right after her death. I’ve hated that man ever since.”

Photos can be found in this article. Important: The photo is much more graphic than you might think for a cake, and can probably be annoying for most. Please use discretion to decide whether to view it or not

Public Response: ‘Absolutely Disgusting and Shameful’

People were quick to express their annoyance with pictures of Harris and the dish. “Imagine mocking someone who has died recently,” a Reddit user posted. “Absolutely disgusting and shameful.”

Another wrote, “I think he apologized, so at least some people on Twitter were angry. Personally, I thought it was awful. Like I’m not saying he should never do it again, but it’s one of those things where I say ‘Hmm … something went wrong with him.’

Although Harris’s uncomfortable Halloween food items are in the past, many people are still angry that he and his teammates ever thought it was the right thing to joke about.

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