Nene Lex: I will never steal anyone’s husband, Sheesh!

NeNe Leakes has a message for haters.

Or, really, especially for a hater.

As previously reported, the former Real Housewives of the Atlanta Caste members were sued for an unusual reason:

Malomin Tehmeh-Sioh, Lex’s current boyfriend, the wife of Neonisela Sioh, says Neni slept with her husband while Malomin and Neonisela were still married.

NeNe Leakes and Nyonisela Sioh

In North Carolina, yes … you can sue someone for this

An extramarital affair can be taken to court for “separation of affection”.

And, in this case, Malomine is seeking $ 100,000 from Leaks for emotional distress – both because of the relationship, and for the emotional damage she has caused by sharing pictures of herself and Neonicella on social media.

You don’t often see such cases, do you?

Leaked and bf

On Thursday, Lex addressed the situation on an Instagram live, where he told viewers to “show a little more love for each other.”

He himself has denied the allegations.

“I’m already stealing a husband here and that’s too much. And no one is stealing a husband here. What are they? I never will,” she told followers.

“No one wants to steal someone else’s problem, honey.”

NeNe in 2021

In September, Greg Lex died of cancer at the age of 66.

NeNe went public with Nyonisela Sioh about three months later, uploading a photo of herself and her new boyfriend at a surprise party that was thrown by her son.

On his way back to Atlanta’s first real housewife, Lex infamously told Kim Jolsiak-Bearman to “get off your feet at married men.”

Jolsiak-Bearman – Nene’s longtime rival, who Lex said once threw N-Ward at him – later told host Andy Cohen that “Big Daddy”, with whom he was on-off again, was still in a relationship with his wife. Was legally married.

NeNe leaks in one set

Lex, meanwhile, won’t let this unusual case get him down.

Or shut him up.

Shortly after news of her bizarre legal situation went viral, Lex shared several snapshots and videos with Seo on her Instagram story … including a clip of the couple driving in the car set to Mooney Long’s “Hrs and Hrs” tune.

“Yours, mine, ours,” the song reads across the screen.

“I could do this for hours. Talk to you for hours.”

NeNe Insta picture leaked

Elsewhere, Dec. 18 confirmed to The Shed Room that she was no longer unmarried, telling the outlet that she had been blessed by Greg to re-enter the dating market.

“I will love Greg forever and ever! It’s hard to be sad! Even harder and more frustrating alone,” Lex said of this sensitive subject.

“Greg and I had a very tearful conversation before he died.

“I told her, ‘Be happy, keep smiling, and whoever finds you, finds a good one.’

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