Network gossip says Anderson Cooper apparently is out on CNN chief

Is Anderson Cooper Heading for CNN’s new CEO? A tabloid claims that the new head is dropping feathers on the Honcho network. See how experienced journalists like Cooper are coping with the shock.

Anderson Cooper getting ‘Taste of Talk’ from CEO?

This week, National Investigator The report states that Anderson Cooper is not meeting with new CNN CEO Chris Licht. According to the article, both Cooper and Don Lemon are fighting to agree to their new leadership. “Unlike Chris Jeff Zucker, he was replaced by CNN. Jeff always texted Anderson and Lemon, ”recalls an insider. “Chris doesn’t want to be friends with them. He wants to be their boss এবং and they’re accustomed to behaving like stars, not staff!

Isn’t Cooper being treated like an angry ‘star’?

This report is absolutely ridiculous. Should we believe that Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon are complaining to someone who hears that CNN’s new CEO doesn’t text them enough? Because it’s too big a leap to take us. All we can say is that there has been a welcome change for the Licht network. And we have no reason to believe that he is not meeting talent.

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Besides, CNN is not a college freight. It’s a network full of professionals, and we seriously suspect that there is enough excitement about Licht’s arrival to confirm this report. In fact, it is noteworthy that Licht has some history with Anderson Cooper. Licht’s wife, Jenny Blanco, has been Cooper’s supervising producer for several years. Thus, it is possible that Cooper and Leach already have a good relationship.

And according to a network internal who spoke Vanity Fair, Licht was a real breath of fresh air. “He is the best of the names that have been floated,” the source said. “Everyone is breathing a sigh of relief and seeing him as a skilled producer who cares deeply about programming. There was a real concern that Discovery would hire an executive who doesn’t understand programming and will end up with an empty case.” That’s not Chris. “

More CNN dramas from tabloids

Of course, r National Investigator Proved in the past that it is not able to peek behind the scenes on CNN. Earlier this year, the magazine claimed that Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon were in the cut block. The outlet then reported that CNN tried to replace Chris Cuomo with a prominent CBS anchor. The publication further alleges that Licht is trying to victimize MSNBC’s two biggest stars. And more recently, the tabloid has insisted that Brian Stelter risks jeopardizing his job. Apparently, the Investigator There are really no rats at CNN headquarters.

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