Nicole Kidman, a partner with Vegamore, claims that hair growth products work

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Lightbulb Hair Care Moments is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they can be exciting. “I am Found To try this new product or strategy! On the other hand, they can express crunch-persuasively. Like … I’m wrong about this How long?

Whether lightbulb moments are a warm, sunny glow or harsh fluorescent humming, they are crucial for maintaining the health of our hair. Actress Nicole Kidman Recently shared her own lightbulb hair moment.

More specifically, she realized that her daily life was doing more harm than good to her hair. Luckily, he shared his mistakes (and solutions), so we can learn from them His Lightbulb moment instead of waiting for us.

‘Hair wellness is all about’

There is no question that Kidman lived a very different life than that of a writer from America’s Small Town. But the problem with the star’s hair is very much my own. Coming from Australia, Kidman is no stranger to harsh material.

In a recent blog post, Kidman says he spends most of his life outdoors, swimming, hiking, playing sports or chasing his kids. “I’ve always understood the need to protect my skin from ingredients,” he wrote. “However, until recently, I didn’t think much of doing the same thing for my hair.”

Considering this, his high-pressure career and everyday styling, Kidman wanted a solution. She wanted to pay as much attention to her tresses as her body. That The actress had a “lightbulb” moment.

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The line of hair care that has changed her outlook

Vegamour is an overall hair health organization dedicated to achieving naturally healthy hair. Its eco-minded business model attracted the actress. But most importantly, the products surprised Kidman the most.

“Knowing Vegamore’s products inside and out, I can confidently say that the ingredients have been thoroughly researched,” Kidman wrote. “And I believe the results speak for themselves.”

Vegamour’s products protected Kidman’s stress from stress, harsh products and heat and the environment. And thanks to Vegamour’s fair-trade practices and organic ingredients, those products are also returning to the world well.

Kidman’s Go-to Vegamor Regiment

Vegamour has a wide line of hair-strengthening products. But four, in particular, stood by Kidman. The first product he recommended was the GRO Revitalizing Shampoo and Conditioner Kit.

Both products are made from Vegamour-owned Karmatin, a vegan B-silk protein. Unlike other keratin-infused products, Vegamour’s products are not animal-based and do not wash when you wash your hair.

This shampoo and conditioner set is safe for all hair types including color-treated. Clinical studies have shown that those who have used the set have increased their hair density by 52% and lost 76% less.

Kidman also recommends GRO hair serums to combat stress, sleep deprivation, vitamin deficiencies and hormonal changes. GRO Hair Serum uses vegetarian phyto-active to promote a balanced follicular ecosystem. The serum passes through the hair follicles to the scalp so that the hair grows longer and stronger on its own.

However, it is impossible to solve these problems without first acknowledging the health of the scalp. That’s why Kidman swore Vegamor’s GRO scalp detoxifying serum. The vegan formula gently removes scalp texture and soothes scalp damage.

Willowharb extract safely reduces the appearance of a flaky scalp while creating a healthy scalp microbiome. Wild-harvested baobab and marula oils provide antioxidant support, more moisturizing, protection and balance. Vegamour sources its components through fair-trade partnerships with women-owned businesses around the world.

This heavy-heating serum absorbs excess oil and moisturizes the scalp. As a result, the hair looks more shiny and strong. Moreover, the scalp is less itchy. Since this serum is very strong, you need to use it once a week in combination with regular GRO Serum and shampoo / conditioner combo.

Finally, How It is important that you apply this product, too. Kidman turns her hair care method into a full-fledged spa day with GRO Revitalizing Scalp Massager.

The Bristol of the massager stimulates the scalp and enhances the health of the scalp. It just doesn’t seem amazing. However it does help the scalp absorb more products, ensuring the best possible results.

This scalp massager can be used on wet or dry hair. Use it to scrub and wash while showering or cleaning your weekly clearing serum. At the end of the day you can use the massage yourself for a comfortable scalp massage.

Kidman often does not make promises to companies worldwide. As she puts it in her blog post, “Age and experience have given me a sense of what makes me feel good and what I believe in. I only want to recommend products and brands that I personally use that work for me and I Faith. “

The actress, producer and mother of four has found such a brand in Vegamore. She is already on her way to hair regrowth and tranquility When do you finally decide to take yours?

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