Nicole Kidman seemed unfamiliar early in her career

Nicole Kidman She has a tendency to straighten her hair nowadays, but when she first set foot in the 1980s, her head was full of riotous red curls. Although Kidman occasionally returns to his strawberry roots, he no longer wears his curls in the same way. Maybe that’s why we had such a hard time recognizing him in this film celebrating the release of his second film.

Nicole Kidman is one of the most recognized faces in Hollywood, which is great because the award-winning actress and mother of four has a habit of changing hair in a very strict way. The Australian native had bright red hair when she debuted in her first film, but thanks to her fair complexion she was able to pull off a variety of hair colors.

All shades of Nicole Kidman’s hair

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Kidman has a knack for blonde hair, for which we can’t exactly blame her because it suits her very well. We like it when Kidman turns blonde (we especially like this golden shade) and puts her hair in her natural curls. In the past we’ve seen Kidman’s hair not so curly, but the loose, almost beach look is a winner in our book.

When Kidman rocks her curls with her natural hair color, though, she’s completely transformed into someone else. Seeing him looks a bit wild and more anxious. We also like how soft and touching her curls look. They look gorgeous in her photos as a blonde, but they look a bit crunchy thanks to it taking hair products to achieve them. The deep tones of Kidman’s red hair make her beautiful blue eyes even more.

Understated Elegance

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Kidman is the queen of Carlod Apador, and her presence on the red carpet over the years has proved that she deserves the title. The key to achieving this look is to let a little chaos grow. Although she looks absolutely gorgeous, there are some funny spirals in her hair that help make Kidman look serious here and there. Instead, she looks super-feminine and undoubtedly gorgeous.

There is nothing wrong with Kidman’s hair

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While we have to admit that we are deeply biased in this regard, no one can deny that Nicole Kidman can rock the bone-straight hair in a way that would be hard for others to pull off. Whether it’s as a blonde or more strawberry with a hair color, Kidman looks completely different.

Considering what it was like to see him at the beginning of his acting career as another young man hoping to get his first break in an Australian film, it is almost strange to see a straight-haired Kidman.

Nicole Kidman’s Natural Hair Structure and Color

Australian actress Nicole Kidman in a private photo session after the release of her film ‘BMX Bandit’ in Sydney. (Patrick Review / Getty Images).

1983 was a very important year for Kidman. That same year, Kidman’s first film was released. As the promotion of his second film, BMX pirate, Kidman sat for a portrait session in front of the iconic Sydney Opera House in his native Australia. In this photo, Kidman is clearly very young, only 16 or 17 years old, but the change in his face, not to mention his hair, is hard to ignore year after year.

It was in the early 80’s, so there was a super-curly perm look, which explains why Kidman’s usually shiny hair looks so neat and poppy. Fortunately, Kidman did not follow this trend for long. When he achieved an international success in the early 90’s, he let his curls return to their normal state, it looks even better if you ask us.

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