Oxygenetics Moisturizer was a Hollywood secret, now it’s mine

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For those whose skin is a confusing oily and dry mixture, finding the right moisturizer may seem almost impossible. I have tried countless brands, ingredients and so-called “miracle” products. Still, my face is still sticky in a minute and flaky later on.

Too heavy, just out there, boring or ineffective, I’ve tried every moisturizer at least one fell off A little In short, when I heard about a moisturizer called “Hollywood Makeup Secret”, my ears tingled.

And after reading more about this heavy-hitting formula and A-list-supported users, I became hooked.

Take a look at the material

Hollywood-approved or not, I had a long list of requirements to meet this “secret” product. I wanted a moisturizer that hydrates my skin without weighing it. And even better if it can hold its position against the sun-burn and my occasional clay mask.

Oxygenetics’ claims to be oxygenating hydro-matrix All Of these things (and then some). I was immediately intrigued by the brand’s claim to a breathable, “second skin” formula. Then, I noticed the material list.

Of all the conventional skin care ingredients, hyaluronic acid seems to work best for my skin. In addition, the hydro-matrix includes vitamin E, soothing aloe vera, green tea extract, and a proprietary cervix complex (more on that later).

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Check it out

The first impression attracted me enough to try the hydro-matrix for myself. In addition to switching to Oxygenetics for my current moisturizer, I made no changes to my skin care routine. And as I rubbed into the hydro-matrix, I noticed that my skin was now blurring the hydrating goodness.

Straight from the bat, my skin felt noticeably thicker and more hydrated. I was worried it would be heavy and sticky, but the overall feeling of it got lighter enough in a few minutes. My skin feels soft and supple all day, in contrast to my old gel which dries out during lunch.

Get more bangs (and breaths) for your buck

Full disclosure, the price gave me a break. The Hydro-Matrix costs about $ 20 more than the moisturizer I used. But after trying it, I can see why. The hydro-matrix not only does more for my skin, but also does little by little Long way.

First, it sells “second-skin” — it’s a big claim, but its ownership of the Ceravitae Complex supports it. Ceravitae is an Oxygenetix-exclusive ingredient with pro-healing properties derived from a yeast compound. It stimulates the uptake of oxygen into skin cells, and thus, accelerates tissue growth.

As skin cells increase oxygen uptake, they begin to produce more collagen and elastin. These two proteins are responsible for the smoothness and firmness of our skin. As our body’s natural reserves are depleted, our skin begins to wrinkle, sag, and become dull.

This extra oxygen intake also speeds up the healing process. The exclusive formula of hydro-matrix is ​​especially great for post-process or post-facial healing. Calming aloe vera and green tea extract may be due to calm itchy, irritated skin, sunburn or chemical treatment.

The science behind its mega moisturizing power

Finally, this super-nourishing moisturizer has two main hydrating ingredients. The first is sodium PCA, which comes from a naturally occurring amino acid. It draws moisture from the air, increasing the amount of water in the upper layer of the skin.

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Hyaluronic acid also retains moisture – its weight in water is more than a thousand times, to be exact. Although it occurs naturally in the body, we begin to lose it with age. As a result, our skin loses volume and thickness.

Together, these two key ingredients hydrate, volume and smooth the skin.

Let Hollywood’s leaked secrets be your new gain

Professional makeup artists and celebrities alike have fallen in love with the scientifically proven formula of oxygenatics. Loz Schiavo, a makeup artist from Peaky Blinders, uses the hydro-matrix in conjunction with the Oxygenating Foundation “for a beautiful, transparent sheer look ৷ we love it!”

Celebrities like Cindy Crawford, Margot Robbie and Eli Golding are also fans of Oxygenetics. Dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other aesthetic professionals highly recommend the healing power of oxygenetics.

Oxygenetics nourishes, protects and rejuvenates the skin. It has passed my hard oily / dry test better than any drugstore moisturizer. And considering a $ 60 bottle lasts a month, it honestly feels a bit like a highway robbery. My skin looks and feels better than before and so can you.

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