Suspicious insider says e! The network is supposedly floundering after Ryan Sext

Suspicious insider says e! The network is supposedly floundering after Ryan Sext

What! Struggling to stay relevant after losing multiple famous faces? A tabloid claim Ryan SecrestIts recent departure sent the network spiraling. Here’s what we know.

E! ‘Crying’ without Ryan?

This week, National Investigator Report that e! The network is now terrified that Ryan Sext and Giuliana have jumped on the Ransick ship. According to the article, its news team from the network is considered outsourcing Access Hollywood. “Daily Pop And Knightley Pop There are many difficulties, they will be with many more successful Access Hollywood, Which is broadcast on the sister network NBC, ”a tipstar food. Before signing off, the source further notes that another major exit from the network did not help. “Another problem is e! I lost to Kim Kardashian, “said Snitch.

E! Danger after leaving high profile?

Looking at the claims, it seems that the magazine has raised a red flag in some way. Cicrest bid farewell to the network in February and the drop in viewership was negligible. On a steady fall across the cable rating board and e! Not surprisingly, their ratings have dropped dramatically since Seckrest’s departure.

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But it is no secret that the network is changing. It was inevitable that at some point the channel would have to be transformed into a new generation. The Kardashians are gone after 20 seasons and Ryan Sext is gone after 14 years of hosting. E! ‘S live from the red carpet. None of these developments really surprised me. In fact, after Secrest announced his departure, eh! Released a heartfelt statement:

“[Seacrest] Some of the biggest nights in Hollywood have been instrumental in giving viewers a front row seat. We are extremely grateful for her many contributions and she will always be a part of it! Family. “So, we don’t see the horror network that the magazine is describing in its article. Will viewers miss watching Secret? Absolutely. But is this channel the end of a full blown crisis? Absolutely not.

Ryan is tabloid in Secret

It is clear that National Investigator There it is for Ryan Seacrest. Last year, the outlet claimed that Secrest was terrified of a so-called “man boob nightmare.” The magazine has since claimed that fans of Secrest were worried about her health after revealing her “extreme” diet. And more recently, the publication has alleged that Secrest’s girlfriend was upset after his ex moved near her. It would be irresponsible to trust it Investigator Concerned Seacrest anywhere.

This celeb-favorite shoe brand has a 50% discount on summer sales

This celeb-favorite shoe brand has a 50% discount on summer sales

Suggest participation in affiliate programs with different companies. Links to Suggest’s website that lead to purchases or reservations on affiliate sites generate revenue for Suggest. This means that Suggest can earn a commission if / when you click or make a purchase through an affiliate link.

Trying to be a celebrity-inspired fashion can be fun – unless it’s time to face a celebrity-worthy Price tag. Finding a comparative deception that does not cost an arm and a leg may seem almost impossible. But fortunately, the Suggest team has seen a killer sale that you won’t want to miss.

Vince Camuto is well-loved and well-worn by celebrities like Eva Longoria, Carrie Underwood and Jessica Alba. Although we already know that this brand makes amazingly durable and chic winter boots, it also specializes in stylish sandals perfect for summer.

And thanks to its secret summer sales that now run through June 29, you don’t need A-list celebrity status to enjoy these hilarious styles. Up to 50% off sales — Here are some of our favorites.

From poolside to patio dining

Vince Camuto’s Evolet Thong Slide is the perfect blend of casual and chic. This is the ideal sandal when you want the comfort and informality of a flip-flop And A sandal polish look. They effortlessly move from the poolside to the hot tub after dinner.

Stay up to date with the details of these jelly sandals (yes, as you were in childhood) trendy, chunky chain. PVC slides are available in seven summer colors, from classic black to vibrant raspberry magenta.

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A little classic, a little modern

VC’s Shamira sandals blend different summer trends into one effortlessly flashy sandals. The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets. The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets.

Block heels can be comfortable when adding low enough heights. A square open toe not only gives your tutsis extra wavy play space, it’s also a popular callback in the 1990’s style. Shamira is found in black, cream, brown, coral and metallic gold.

Perfect for summer date nights

One of the best parts of summer is the excuse to wear fun, flirty sandals. Ariah Sandals is just that romantic, sexy, fun, and a little whimsical. The eye-catching braided top frame creates the legs in four available colors, while a zipped back gives these shoes a breeze to go in and out.

In addition, the ankle has a double role as a functional both And Figure-flattering feature. The wide base makes these 3.75-inch heels surprisingly easy to walk. And the high heeled heel gives the illusion of long, fat feet. Keep it simple in black, or choose sandstone, a bohemian blend of coral and tan.

Full coverage (without additional material)

Of course, flirty sandals can be fun. But if you’re like me and you’re not a huge fan of showing off your legs, they can be stressful too. Fortunately, I found a solution with Vince Camuto’s Zenabi Mool. Available in three colors and currently discounting 20, these unique sandals should be the staple of your next outfit.

The two rolled leather straps create a unique and eye-catching top, but style is not their only job. Thanks to the wide twist, you can enjoy adequate coverage without additional components (read: heat). These stylish shoes also feature a square toe and a perfectly walkable, 3-inch block heel.

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These sandals are ready for adventure

Sandals can get a bad rep for being weak and unsupported. And although many of them are, of course, Baminda Wages of Vince Camuto is not one of them. These sandals are the ideal combination of stylish and comfortable, where you are suitable for long summer days. Accidentally Finish walking 5+ miles.

Whether you’re heading for a brunch, museum, boardwalk, or a hot date, these shoes are the perfect addition to your look. They are available in three colors, including Black Snake Print, Ivory and Rosy, Dark Buff. The 3-inch heel lengthens, while the leather ankle and toe straps keep you safe and secure for summer adventures.

Vince Camuto’s secret summer sales won’t last forever. Now grab a pair of celebrity-approved sandals for up to half the price and start walking your way for the rest of the summer.

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Michael B. Exploring the gossip surrounding the alleged brutal breakup with Jordan

Michael B. Exploring the gossip surrounding the alleged brutal breakup with Jordan

Michael B. Jordan And Laurie Harvey The couple separated after dating for 18 months. Don’t believe a dubious rumor it’s not taking well. Here’s what we know.

‘Michael and Laurie: The War After the Breakup’

According to They, Jordan and Harvey are not splitting amicably. “Laurie certainly made her feelings clear when she deleted Michael from her Instagram account,” a source said. Jordan has not yet deleted any photos, indicating that he is not on top of the relationship.

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“Lori is keen to prove she’s ready to move on,” said an insider. “He doesn’t need a Michael reminder.” Laurie’s father Steve has already praised the pair for splitting up on Instagram instead of the courtroom. He’s joking Steve Harvey Morning Show“Going to this court is expensive.”

Only Michael B. Give Jordan a minute …

Ah, the danger of print media. They Released this story on a Friday. Before the next issue came out, Jordan deleted Laurie from Instagram. Maybe it took him a few days to process the split, or it took a few days for instructions to come to his social media team. Either way, Laurie and Jordan have both cleared their Instagram.

The tabloids are exaggerating how ugly this division is. The title, in huge pink letters, reads “War after Separation”. It further implies that the two are making a splash of their separation. In fact, deleting photos from Instagram is likely to involve ex-combatants at the lowest level of public awareness.

See, for example, how Kanye West handled his division. He and Amber Rose ended up with such an uproar that Rose publicly expressed her sexual desire. West Kim has also publicly threatened violence against Pete Davidson during his divorce from Kardashian, not to mention his numerous outbursts on Kardashian-directed social media.

Robin Thick once dedicated an entire album to his ex-wife Paula Patton, where he was silent. Those are bad breakups. Just deleting Instagram is something that thousands of couples do every day. This is a passing ceremony for a breakup in this millennium. Jordan and Laurie are probably going through a difficult time personally as you might expect after years of dating, but they have remained civil in public.

Lots of rough splits

Whenever They Claiming to have insights into a couple’s life, it is usually full of it. It is claimed that Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi will be separated, yet they are still married. The same is true of the tabloid story of Ridge Witherspoon and his impending breakup from Jim Toth, as well as Kurt Russell and Goldie Han. This so-called interior clearly knows nothing.

Michael Strahan opens up about emotions in a clear video

Michael Strahan opens up about emotions in a clear video

Michael Strahan Usually presents a confident and cheerful front Good morning America Listeners, but the Morning Show host recently went to Instagram to share some thoughts about the vulnerability with her followers.

Strahan encourages fans: ‘Don’t be afraid. Ask for help ‘

“Are you afraid to ask for help?” He captioned the video, which looks like his office. “Yeah, I just wanted to come to you and tell you how important it is to ask for help,” Strahan began his video.

“You know, sometimes it’s good to get a different perspective on it from someone who can’t figure things out, that, as they say, is not so close to the tree that they don’t see that you’re in a tree,” said the morning show. Host continues. “That person is moving. You have to move. You have to see the big picture of things.”

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Continuing his inspirational message, Strahan said, “Asking for help can definitely help you, clearly do a lot of things and take a lot of stress out of your life. So, don’t be afraid. Ask for help. The people there want to help. ”

Fans respond: ‘We should not intimidate anyone who needs help’

Strahan’s friends and followers liked the host’s sincere message about asking for help in the morning, and they shared their thoughts in the comments section. Colleagues Good morning America Correspondent Ariel Reshef wrote, “I can’t love this message anymore. Such an important reminder. “

One fan commented, “Thanks for pointing out Michael, no one can reach for fear of embarrassment but we shouldn’t scare anyone who needs help.” Another wrote, “Great advice from a special person.”

Big life change for Strahan

This video is not the only personal message that Strahan recently shared on Instagram. He recently posted a picture of his daughter Sophia on her way to Prom. “I wasn’t ready for the moment to see one of my babies fall in love!” He wrote.

Sophia and her twin, Isabella, will soon be 18, and will probably go to college, leaving Strahan with an empty house. He shares Sophia and Isabella with his ex-wife Jean Mughal. The couple married in 1999 and finalized their divorce in 2006.

While Strahan did not add a personal story as to why he is encouraging fans to seek help in times of need, it is fair to assume that he will be leaning towards friends and family in the coming months as he will be able to adapt to life without his daughters. Stay at home 24/7.

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Suspicious sources claim that Jamie Fox has called Katie Holmes new

Suspicious sources claim that Jamie Fox has called Katie Holmes new

Is Jamie Foxx Bad thing Katie Holmes‘New boyfriend? Claimed a tabloid Django The actor was not happy to hear that his ex-girlfriend had left. Let’s check out the famous exes.

Katie Holmes ‘Out-Foxes Jamie’?

This week, National Investigator Jamie Fox is jealous of Katie Holmes’ new romance with Bobby Otten III. “Jamie says he thinks Katie can do a lot better and act really jealous,” an insider spread. “It’s ridiculous because he’s not going to do anything about trying to get her back. He’s just wanting what he doesn’t have.”

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Sources said Holmes and Fox’s six-year relationship ended in 2019 due to the actor’s wandering eyes. “A lot of people told him he really made a fuss about letting Katie go. But she was too caught up in the skirt-chase,” admits a snitch. “She’s still the same player she was before. It’s just a classic case you don’t know That’s what you get until it’s gone. “

Jamie Fox jealous of Katie Holmes’ new beau?

There are several reasons why we should take this story seriously At first, Jamie Foxx was so personal that the public wasn’t even sure if he and Holmes were an item until a few months before their separation. We seriously suspect that she made a fuss about Holmes and her new boyfriend that she clearly doesn’t believe.

Moreover, this is not the first time Holmes has been out with a man since splitting from Fox. The Alone together The actress publicly dated the restaurant’s Emilio Vitolo Jr. for eight months before leaving in May last year. As far as we know, Fox didn’t give Vitolo a bad face, so why would this time be any different?

And finally, Fox looks far from anxious about recent philosophy. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 The actor was recently spotted getting hot and heavy with a mysterious blonde woman on a yacht in France. Since splitting from Holmes in 2019, Fox has had no problems getting along with other women. So, we’re not buying this story about Holmes being obsessed with his new boyfriend.

More Katie Holmes dramas from the tabloids

This is far from the first National Investigator A story about Katie Holmes has been confusing. The outlet once reported that Holmes was becoming a “stage mother” for his daughter Suri. The magazine then claims that Jamie Foxx was desperately trying to get back with Holmes after parting ways with Emilio Vitolo Jr. And finally, the publication complains that Holmes is concerned that Vitolo was out for revenge after their recent breakup. Clearly, Investigator There really is no insight into what Holmes has to offer in his personal life.

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Katie Holmes talks about surviving the red carpet epidemic with her new boyfriend

Katie Holmes talks about surviving the red carpet epidemic with her new boyfriend

Katie Holmes Missing from the movie screen for the last two years, but the actress is ready to come back Alone together, Which he wrote and directed. Holmes recently shared his thoughts on the new movie, as well as how the COVID-19 lockdown affected him.

Holmes discusses Covid-19 lockdown: ‘It was such a scary time’

While walking the red carpet at the Tribeca Film Festival, Holmes expressed his excitement for returning to film. “It’s very exciting,” he said. “It was a scary time, especially when New York City was hit so hard [it’s great] People look out. “

The actress also took a moment to yell at some of her co-workers in the entertainment industry to share how their work has inspired her as a producer. “The festival is very inspiring to me,” he explained. “I went for some of Hoopy Goldberg’s curated shorts on Sunday, and there was a movie by Kyra Sedgwick.” He continued, “Everyone is constantly ready for each other and to feel there. That’s what New York is all about. ”

His new movie

Holmes’s new movie, Alone together, Also exploring the COVID-19 lockdown, tells the story of June, a food critic who went upstairs to escape the city. A brief description of the movie is read from its website: “When her boyfriend decides to stay in town to take care of his parents, June has a long way to go because she begins to realize that the first two weeks of the epidemic could be a little drag on!”

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June’s breakup from her boyfriend is complicated by another love interest named Charlie. “While eating takeouts under neon symptoms, they think about life goals, relationships, and veganism,” the summary continues. “The film is a delightful and surprisingly nostalgic love story set against the constant background drones of the all-fu-familiar Covid catchphrase in the news.”

Holmes and boyfriend Bobby Otten walk the red carpet together

Holmes was smiling on the red carpet, and while he must have been excited about the release Alone togetherThe presence of his new beauty may have something to do with it.

Bobby Uten III (L) is smiling in a white shirt and black jacket  Katie Holmes (R) is smiling at Utten.  She is wearing a white knitted tank dress
(Thio Wargo / Getty Images for Tribeca Festival)

The actress walked the red carpet with her new boyfriend Bobby Otten III, a Grammy-nominated musician who has worked on Broadway and backed up big artists in Cochlea. The pair first met together in April this year. Holmes and Uten seem to be very happy together, and fans of the actress are glad that she has found love again.

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You may be straining your pasta incorrectly, here’s how to do it pro

You may be straining your pasta incorrectly, here’s how to do it pro

Suggest participation in affiliate programs with different companies. Links to Suggest’s website that lead to purchases or storage on affiliate sites generate revenue for Suggest. This means that Suggest can earn a commission if / when you click or make a purchase through an affiliate link.

Repeat after me, “Just because a hack is viral, doesn’t make it true.” Before hacking, we should pay attention to ourselves, teach our kids and warn others.

“Core an apple with your corkscrew” was one of the latest viral hacks that wasn’t very helpful from a distance. Now there is a new “hack” that has the potential to harm people.

Is this really the right way to strain?

In a TikTok video from @johannawestbrook, which has over 153,000 views, he explains the “correct” way to use a calendar. Spoiler alert: It is No. The right way This particular TikTok star is a high school teacher who usually posts (smart!) DIY hair tutorials, but when he finds this kitchen hack, he decides to share it with his more than 661,000 followers.

In the video, he shows you the traditional way to strain your pasta. The usual way involves placing the colander in the sink and then pouring water and pasta.

He said to take the strainer and place it in a container at the bottom before draining the water. You will then hold the colander and the pot together while you are straining the water. That way the pasta stays in the pot, and it cuts a step, I think.

However, people were rightly concerned about the comments. “That’s how I burned my hand,” said one commenter.

Another said, “As the sieve slips and you get a sink full of macaroni!” One commenter simply said, “Not the right way !! Yes super dangerous.”

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So, what is the right way to sift your pasta? Well, the traditional method, though safe, is not really great. You will lose all those magical pasta water when you throw it in the drain. And there is always the possibility of just throwing away the pot of boiling water. That would be a good way. (Here.)

Stop with ‘hacks’, that’s what professionals do here

Professionals and home chefs have always known the secret. Having a dedicated pasta pot will cut out all the unnecessary hacks and tricks, leaving you with only delicious pasta. A stainless-steel pot with a removable sieve will ensure that you never burn yourself while pouring that amazing pasta water under the drain. Also, you have easy access to that starchy pasta water to enhance your pasta sauces.

We love this Cook N Home four-piece set that includes an 8-quart stockpot, steamer insert, a pasta insert and a tempered-glass lid. Deep steamer inserts can cook a variety of pasta, and the aluminum disc layered bottom ensures even heat distribution. It will become your one-stop pot for cooking pasta, steaming vegetables or even steaming seafood like crab legs or lobster.

An Amazon buyer says, “Because of my busy life, I never thought about keeping certain pots. However, times have changed, and so do I. These pots are great! These are a really nice set that is well made, easy to pull and pull, and clean with air. Why did I wait so long? I used to buy again and again! Enough for the price item. I am looking for other items from this seller to buy. Goodbye old filter! ”

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Wendy Williams has got a raw deal with the talk show Force Out

Wendy Williams has got a raw deal with the talk show Force Out

The end of an era came with a jolt, not a bang. Wendy Williams show Silently it has gone up in the air without its famous host and it is a frustration that fans are hard to believe. Only they are not dissatisfied Wendy Williams’ Lazy farewell after 14 years with the show.

Wendy Williams missed the last episode

Wendy Williams’ talk show went without her title host for her entire final season, although fans expected her to return at least for the final episode. Fans received the show’s farewell without him, although it was impossible to forget his presence during the 14 years of the show’s broadcast. Instead of Williams’ presence, the show rolled out several video clips of the former Shock Jock, including a lengthy montage of the host.

Williams’ longtime fans all seem to agree that this is going to be the worst case scenario for how the show will end. When William’s absence from the show was first announced in late 2021, fans were optimistic that his time would be shortened. However, this was not to be, and Williams soon removed himself due to a COVID-19 diagnosis before the mandatory delay of other health and personal problems.

Replaced by Sheri Shepherds

As he focused on his health and recovered, Williams was first replaced on the show by a rolling host and eventually Sherry Shepherd was tapped to fill his place full time. Shepherd had shut down the show, and it was Shepherd who would take on the role of talk host after he was impressed with his hosting abilities enough to land a show of his own. So, where does that leave Williams?

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Fan response on Twitter

It feels absurd that Williams was not a part of the show’s finale, especially the all-important finale. The show bears his name, but he wasn’t even in the studio, and the video montage for him at the time of the touch was a pale comparison with his actual appearance. Online fans must have agreed, and there was a lot of denial, especially on Twitter.

Comparison with Britney Spears roll in

Many fans point to similarities between the current situation of Williams and the recent termination of the patronage of pop star Britney Spears. Last summer, Spears’ controversial conservatism ended after a long legal battle with the singer’s father. Williams is also facing a defensive battle, but his family did not bring the fight.

Wells Fargo, the bank apparently used by Williams, successfully applied for protection after arguing that the talk show host was a victim of “unwanted influence and financial exploitation”. Williams denied the allegations and used social media to denounce the move. He also accused his former manager, who was in charge of his finances, of embezzling funds.

Dear Moments Honors Williams’ Legacy

Others honor Williams’ legacy by sharing clips of his favorite moments from the show. We’ve seen several of our personal favorite moments, as well as some silly bits of Williams from the beginning of the show’s history that we forgot. Although it wasn’t close enough to replace Williams, it did help some fans say goodbye.

Who can forget the long-standing fear of Williams’ “murderer”? We would never, of course, and in fact, we found a longer compilation of talk show hosts discussing his various solutions and strategies for dealing with his anonymous enemy.

Halloween episodes have always been a blast, especially when the noted non-horror fan Williams saw a terrifying mask in the audience during a crowd shot.

Most recently, Williams was criticized for backing Britney Spears. It is not necessarily true that he supported the pop star who took him into the hot water, but rather that he liked the word when it came time to address Spears’ family.

When the listener gets the spotlight

We’d love to see Williams interact with his audience members, but we’re sure this audience member would have been perfectly happy without Williams’ callout. Then again, if Williams hadn’t noticed him, we wouldn’t have had this classic Wendy Williams show Moment

A journey through the history of Wendy Williams is not complete without a mention of her wigs. They practically had a character of their own over the years, so much so that Williams hid small things like notes to draw his viewers into the camera for pleasure.

Never really will be like Wendy Williams. His influence on TV and pop culture, whether you love him or not, cannot be denied. We hope this is not Williams’ last visit. We wish him well in the future.

Royal Gossip says Kate Middleton had an alleged showdown with Meghan Merkel

Royal Gossip says Kate Middleton had an alleged showdown with Meghan Merkel

Did Kate Middleton And Meghan Merkel Secretly seen during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations? A tabloid cover story claims that the brothers-in-law had an exciting reunion earlier this month. Here is what we know about the rumored showdown.

Middleton and Merkel at ‘Point of No Return’?

Latest version Our weekly Kate Middleton expressed no interest in extending an olive branch to Meghan Merkel during her recent visit to the UK. While the rest of the royal family did their best to play well, sources say it wasn’t just for the hostile Duchess. “Reunion was waiting for a ticking time bomb to explode,” a source commented.

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Apparently, Middleton’s ice behavior is related to Sussex’s bombastic interview with Oprah Winfrey last year. “When Meghan publicly brutalized Kate and the rest of the royal family, it was the last straw,” an interior meal. “Kate is still waiting for a meaningful apology and refuses to contact Meghan unless she absolutely has to. It is very difficult for her to spend time with Meghan and Harry after all the mud is hanging.”

But eventually, sources revealed that Sussex maintained their distance from Cambridge and that this is unlikely to change any time soon. “Harry and Meghan were able to spend almost all of their time in Frogmore’s cottage,” Tipster spread. “Neither side thinks they have to apologize, so they don’t have to move forward. No one wants to take responsibility for what they did. Things have remained stagnant. ”

Was the Sussex-Cambridge reunion a ‘ticking time bomb’?

This story is just a classic bait and switch. Although there is ambiguity on the cover of the magazine about the Duchess’s “Make-or-Break Jubilee Showdown”, the real story is that they never met. There was no showdown, and the outlet knows that. Still, the magazine wanted to remind its readers that there were some secret arguments between Merkel and Middleton, but that it was not entirely committed to the lies sold on the cover.

And the truth of the matter is much less dramatic. All we can say is that Merkel and Middleton never crossed paths. Sussex seemed to have exploded in London and their tour was certainly not ruined. They are reported to have reunited with the queen and even introduced their daughter Lilibet to her name. But those scrambling for a dramatic reunion were disappointed when Harry and Merkel returned to the kingdom without taking a picture with any of the senior members of the royal family.

Tabloids in Sussex

Of course, we know better than to take Our weekly Prince Harry and Megan Merkel are concerned about their words. Earlier this year, the outlet reported that Spotify was withdrawing its contract with the royal family. The magazine then claims that Harry and Merkel stopped in London on their way to the Netherlands to say goodbye to the Queen. And more recently, Rage has claimed that Prince Harry’s publisher has repeatedly rejected his memoirs. Obviously, Our weekly This is not the most reliable source in the case of Sussex.

Royal ‘experts’ claim Prince William, Kate Middleton ‘under pressure’

Royal ‘experts’ claim Prince William, Kate Middleton ‘under pressure’

Prince William And Kate Middleton Usually seen as the savior of the royal family. Because their work has become extremely difficult Prince Harry And Prince Andrew? So says a royal expert. Gossip Cop Investigates

Kate Middleton ‘under pressure’

In an interview with Dr. Guardian, Royal writer Tina Brown believes that the royal family should get Harry back. The workload is too high for William and Prince Charles to manage. Although the plan has always been to reduce the monarchy, Brown says: “It looks a bit like a skeleton, because they weren’t supposed to lose Andrew or Harry, so reducing the monarchy is a bit of a problem right now.”

Related: So-called ‘experts’ claim royal family is threatening to ‘cut’ Prince Harry and Meghan Merkel

William and Middleton “under extra pressure … basically for both Harry and Andrew at the moment to take a break,” Brown said. He believes that when Queen Elizabeth dies, an olive branch will come to Harry because he was such a strong asset to the family.

A note on the slimmed-down monarchy

It is noteworthy that there are many royal families who can take the leisure left by Harry and Andrew. Andrew’s children, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, are apparently not part of the plan. They are young, popular and if the royal family gets into trouble they can easily take on some more work.

There is also Prince Edward and his family. It’s hard to imagine the royal family returning to Harry desperately when there are so many people in the house who could be called instead.

Are Prince William and Prince Charles under more pressure?

Researchers who study royalty will tell you that neither Charles nor William was a hard worker in the royal family. In 2020 and 2021, Princess Ann completed more engagements than any other member of the royal family. This was also true in 2019, with Harry doing less work than Prince Edward. With Andrew and Harry leaving, no one seems to be working harder: less royal engagement.

Will Harry be asked again when Elizabeth dies? Probably, but it’s hard to imagine accepting him. Elizabeth’s decision had nothing to do with Harry’s decision to leave the royal family. She has always been very respectful of her grandmother and even named her daughter in her honor. Harry and Megan Merkel are building their own lives around the world, and they don’t seem to be in a hurry to leave everything and go back to their place of grief.

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