Pamela Anderson is reportedly asking Tommy Lee to take her back at last

Is Pamela Anderson Motley Crew is trying to rekindle his tumultuous romance with the drummer Tommy Lee? A tabloid claims that Anderson is desperate to reconnect with her ex-husband. Here’s what we know.

Pamela Anderson ‘mopping’ with Tommy Leakey?

This week’s edition National Investigator Report Pamela Anderson wants to go back together with Tommy Lee. Apparently, the Bewatch Bomshell asked Lee if he wanted to give their romance another shot, but Rocker rejected him, sources said. The outlet describes how Anderson and Lee tried several times to revive their relationship after their 1998 divorce, but each attempt failed. And, according to Tabloid’s argument, since Anderson is newly divorced – this time from Canadian bodyguard Dan Hayhurst – he is returning to Lee.

“Pam asked Tommy to come back with her,” said a snitch whisper. “It simply came to our notice then. It was for the kids, but they could be the ‘power couple’ again, and growing up together would be great for them,” he said. He kept calling and not leaving her alone, but Tommy wasn’t in it. He thinks the past is the past and they have gone in different directions.

Pamela Anderson, Tommy Lee back together?

Pamela Anderson is not going back to Tommy Lee, and we’re sure this story is 100 percent false. First, the outlet does not specify Coyle Why Anderson first filed for divorce from Lee. In 1998, Leake was sentenced to six months in prison for injuring Anderson, and the actress decided to end their marriage at the same time. It is true that Anderson and Lee tried to make things work after their release from prison and again some time later, but it is clear that the couple was not able to solve their problems.

The pair do not appear to be looking back since their last breakup in 2010. They currently have a mostly friendly co-parent relationship and they even reunited last year to celebrate the fashion launch of their son Brandon Thomas Lee. But for them, romance doesn’t seem to be on the table anymore.

And we’ll assume that’s at least partly because Lee is married to Internet personality Brittany Farlan. The couple tied the knot in 2019, and if we believe Farlan’s social media, he and Rocker have been inseparable ever since. He often posts photos of her and Lee and they have become a tickling couple. Even if Anderson was becoming nostalgic, she must have known that her ex-husband was out of the market.

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This story is not surprising since honesty National Investigator Worried Pamela Anderson has never played well anywhere. In 2019, the outlet reported that Anderson was pregnant with her third child. And late last year, the publication strongly claimed that Anderson looked “unknown” after gaining some weight. Apparently, the Investigator Anderson’s case is unbelievable.

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