Patrick Mendes admits cheating with Thai Ramon: It’s past!

In the last weekend episode 90 day engagementPatrick Mendes has left that beautiful Austin home for his new home in Dallas.

Thais Ramon was less than happy with the move, mostly because John would still be with them.

From the start, fans have been concerned about Thai, especially with his intruder tracking on Patrick’s phone.

Now, however, we know why he went so far as to keep track of Patrick: he cheated with her.

Patrick cheated with the Thais before 01 of 11

In this sneak peek clip of 90 Day Engagement Season 9, Episode 9, Patrick Mendes presents a gift to Thais Ramon.

“It’s not a Christmas present, but a welcome gift to America: a new phone,” he said

The phone comes with a warning: he will not give her access to his location at any moment.

Patrick cheated with the Thais before 02 of 11

Thais very definitely less satisfied.

Although he’s still going to pick up the phone (he tells her he can always refuse the gift), it almost seems like a ploy.

Meanwhile, Patrick explains that the time to track his location should end now.

Patrick cheated on Thai before 03 of 11

Patrick – with some seemingly random bar sponsors during his first episode – realized his desire to track him down while he was in Brazil.

Now, though, she doesn’t have to guess when she’ll sleep in her bed, because she’s in the same bed.

“It gives me a lot of anxiety, love,” Patrick explains.

Patrick cheated with the Thais before 05 of 11

“It feels bad when I’m with someone and they love my life,” Patrick explains.

“And they don’t believe me,” he continued. “It doesn’t look good.”

This is when Thais reminds Patrick that his worries about his loyalty were not out of thin air.

Patrick cheated with the Thais before 06 of 11

Thais notes that Patrick once gave her reasons for not believing.

Patrick dismisses it as “in the past”, but he presses her to admit on camera why he’s so worried.

That’s when he said he “talked to a girl” early in his relationship with Thais. But is this the truth?

Patrick cheated with the Thais before 07 of 11

But if what he did was talk to another woman, the only thing he would do with his mouth, you know, is word formation and voice.

Thais says that’s not the case since he’s been in a relationship with her.

Patrick objects, correcting his story by saying that what they did was “kiss”, but not a kiss, Patrick.

Patrick cheated with the Thais before 08 of 11

Patrick tries to do some emotional gymnastics: “I think it’s different, like you have sex with a girl when you kiss her.”

One, hook up is a deliberately vague (and directly included) term that can mean anything from four-person shower sex to make out.

So, yes, they hook up.

Patrick cheated with the Thais before 09 of 11

Two, you can’t usually decide that what you did physically with the other person is not cheating.

You and your partner (s) set those boundaries together.

So, yes, it was cheating, even if some relationship doesn’t think kissing is cheating – with which Thais and Patrick have nothing to do.

Patrick cheated with the Thais before 10 of 11

Patrick doesn’t take it seriously, it seems, but Thais is clearly hurt.

On the one hand, he can’t and shouldn’t hold it in his head forever – either let him regain your faith, or let him go.

At the same time, he should take his feelings seriously, even if it does not include tracking his whereabouts.

Patrick cheated with the Thais before 11 of 11 p.m.

Patrick is a handsome man who makes good money, so his behavior should be unpleasant for most 90 day engagement Fans dislike him.

(Case in point: Bilal and Lifetime movie plot which he has given to Shaida)

But that doesn’t mean that Thais (who, as an attractive young woman with an accent, is baiting the worst elements of phantom) is a bad guy, even irrational.

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