Penelope Cruz is unfamiliar with old red carpet photos due to the 90s trend

Penelope Cruz One of the world’s most famous actresses, but the international superstar’s early red carpet style was far from her current fashion sensibility. The Madrid-born actress is now one of the best-dressed celebrities on the red carpet, but it’s a title that has hit the industry year after year. We can’t say we’re sorry she said goodbye to some of the weary old trend she wore in her early red carpet photos.

The red carpet is hard to nail

It’s a story as old as time: a young Hollywood star comes out on her first red carpet and wears the most heinous, epoch-making outfit you’ve ever seen. A few years later, her style improved until you can see her photos at the moment, as if she had been created in a laboratory to walk the red carpet with gorgeous designer dads.

We’ve seen the early photos of several star actresses on the red carpet and compared them to their recent looks, so we can tell the truth: being able to afford a stylist makes all the difference. Empire Star Taraji p. Henson looked like a ’00s disaster on his first red carpet, but now he’s walking the iconic walkway in beautiful costume design which is amazing. Spanish actress Penelope Cruz also followed that path in her red carpet career.

The penThat’s itLop Cruz’s best red carpet gown

Hollywood – February 25: Actress Penelope Cruz attends the 79th Annual Academy Awards held at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood, California on February 25, 2007. (Photo by Fraser Harrison / Getty Images)

We love to see Cruz at various award shows and movie premieres because she always delivers unforgettable fashions that emphasize her own beauty and still have a great work of art in their own right. Who can forget the glamorous pink Versace feather dress she wore at the 2007 Academy Awards? It’s at the top of our list of best costumes from Italian Design House, but it’s at number 15 Of the Telegraph List of the most beautiful red carpet gowns of all time.

The queen of romantic gowns

(FeatureFlash Photo Agency /

For its gala screening Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides At the 64th Festival de Cane, Cruz went after another romantic gown. The semi-sheer, gauze gown fit Cruz like a dream and, simply, absolutely gorgeous. From the trailing hem to the pleasing sprouts on the shoulder straps, wearing the red carpet is the kind of glamor we’re looking for.

Cruise an Angel in White

(FeatureFlash Photo Agency /

One of our favorite shades for catching a cruise is white. The American Crime Story The actress looks positively heavenly in the shadows and this makes her dark features, especially her beautiful brown hair and eyes even more. She’s wearing a scoop-neck column gown or a one-line dress with a sweetheart neckline, which almost doesn’t help the cruise but looks divine.

We haven’t found the designers responsible for these darling looks, but they should be proud to wear them with such beauty. Unfortunately, not all the red carpet ensembles on the cruise hit us.

The Pancho’s are by no means the worst part

3/29/99 Los Angeles, CA. Penelope Cruz at the premiere of “Cookie’s Fortune”. Photo by Brenda Chase / Online USA, Inc.

There are many reasons why it is difficult to recognize Cruz in this photo The red carpet tends to keep her hair up, so it’s a bit strange to see her get her hair down for once. Cruz kept it casual for the LA premiere of his 1999 film Cookie’s Fortune And it certainly gave us a whiplash after seeing many photos of the actress wearing jeans and a poncho in her designer formal attire.

Still, the cruise makes it even harder for us to place his 90s eyebrows. Throughout those dark times, it was common, no Encouraged, For women to pull their eyebrows in thin, serious lines. Cruz didn’t raise his eyebrows, but there are differences between recent photos of the star and those of the 90s and early.

Others must have had a heavy hand (Megan McCain looked at you, we didn’t forget those 2008 eyebrows) but fortunately we as a society have overcome the trend and our collective eyebrows have never been full.

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