Pete Davidson: Goodbye SNL! Hello to spend more time with Kim!

Its 47th season Live Saturday night The weekend is over, and with it, the duration of some of the show’s favorite stars.

Aidy Bryany, Kyle Mooney, and Great Kate McKinnon all said goodbye to fans on Saturday’s show.

But the farewell that got the most attention was undoubtedly Pete Davidson’s.

Pete, as you probably know, has had quite an eventful year, and much of it has been exposed to the public eye.

Pit piece out

When Kim Kardashian hosted SNL in October 2021, she and Pete started a relationship that is still going strong eight months later.

Of course, as a result of the high-profile romance, Pete Kim’s ex-husband, Kanye West, is threatened and intimidated.

Pitt’s decision to leave SNL for the final half of this season may have been a factor in Kanye’s fears.

Kanye West in thought

After all, it can be hard for his teammates to come up with funny bits if they are constantly afraid of an attack to set a score from a confused ex.

But in his last weekend update segment in the season finale, Davidson focused on the good times.

Pete joked with the audience who tuned in for the sole purpose of finding out if he would “talk about Kanye.”

Pete Davidson has left SNL

But after that brief acknowledgment of his tabloid-friendly personal life, Pete diverted his attention to the show’s favorite memory that made him famous.

“I never thought it would be my life,” Davidson said.

“Back then, I was just a skinny kid and nobody knew what race I was. And now everyone knows I’m white because I’ve been very successful at work. Now look at me, I’m getting old like an old banana. “

Pete Davidson on the runway

Pete recalled that when Lorne Michaels hired him for the show, he admitted that the choice might not be crowded, and joked, “Let’s screw it together.”

“And we did just that,” Davidson said.

“And that’s why people who don’t think I deserve this job shouldn’t hate me because we have a lot in common. Like, if anything should inspire me I hope literally anyone can be on ‘Saturday Night Live’.

Pete Davidson gives a dramatic look

On Instagram, Pete shared more emotional songs, how grateful he is that he “shared so much with this audience” and “literally grew up in front of your eyes.”

“We were together through good and bad, happiest and darkest times,” Davidson continued.

“I owe my life to Lorne Michaels and SNL. I am very grateful and I will not be here without them. “

Pete Davidson smokes weeds

He wrote that the show and his colleagues taught him “the value of life” and said, “SNL is my home.”

“I am just happy and sad about tonight’s show. For many reasons I can’t explain, “Davidson concluded.

Again, Pete made no mention of his relationship with Kim, but his desire to spend more time with his West Coast girlfriend probably led to his decision to leave the show.

Debut of Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian!

Of course, Davidson also had professional reasons to move away from the SNL spotlight.

Insiders say Pete is focusing on several upcoming projects, including a peacock sitcom titled Bupkis.

No matter what happens to the show, this is not the end of the story for Pete Davidson.

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