Pete Davidson is expected to join the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise.

Is Pete Davidson Join the family? A sketchy report says he is going to star in a new film Fast and furiousBut Gossip Cop Not so sure. Here’s what we know.

Davidson hopping in?

The The sun Davidson broke the scoop about signing Fast X.. He probably signed his contract with Kim Kardashian during a recent trip to London and his signature is already proving controversial. During Justin Bieber’s comedy Central Roast, Davidson joked at the expense of Paul Walker.

Walker was the star of the first seven Fast and furious Movies before tragically dying in a motor accident. Davidson said, “Justin was arrested last year for drug racing. Unfortunately, he was not with Paul Walker. What? He’s doing great! A movie of his is coming. ” The joke was so bad that Comedy Central refused to promote it.

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Now he has signed up to join, the cast and crew have revolted. They publicly apologize for his comments. Things can be rough on a set without.

Is he really joining the cast?

When people act in big motion pictures, the news is either over-confidential or free to the public. Andrew Garfield Inn Spider-Man: No Way Home There was a tight secret, but Zendaya’s casting, for example, was not. The studios announced the cast ahead of time to arouse interest.

Cases and points, Fast X.. The load cast of returning stars among the newcomers like Jason Momoa, Brie Larson and Rita Moreno has already been announced. Yes: Rita Moreno is joining the family. What motivation would Universal have to keep Davidson’s signature secret when it is happy to announce it to everyone else?

The news of Davidson’s casting is rhythmic at first. The The sun A story is breaking a major casting decision that doubles as a hit piece Casting News is not what it usually shows, so it’s hard to believe this story.

Looks like this tabloid Davidson remembers a horrible joke and tries to use it for profit. Since no American outlet likes Deadline Or People Reporting this, Gossip Cop Can’t believe the story.

Only time will tell

Knowing how close Vin Diesel and the entire crew were to Walker (though not always with each other), Davidson doesn’t seem to be cast after his tasteless jokes. He has apologized for the joke before, so it would not be out of character for Davidson to apologize again. If Davidson plays Fast X.At the moment it really can’t be more than a cameo. All we have to do is wait until May 19, 2023 to find out.

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