Pierce Morgan just can’t stop slandering Meghan Merkel

If Meghan Merkel There is only one hater, that is Pierce Morgan. Where a day does not go Celebrity apprentices The winner does not take a shot at the Duchess of Sussex. His latest attack is similar.

Why does Morgan hate Merkel?

Long ago, Morgan and Merkel were friendly. Merkel ends their friendship after they start dating Harry. We don’t really know exactly why he did that, but it’s not hard to imagine. Entering the royal family means you don’t really have much time to enjoy the tabloid magnets.

Morgan did not take this division well, and he has spent the last few years relentlessly targeting Merkel at every opportunity. The most high-profile incident came after Merkel’s interview with Oprah Winfrey. On Good morning Britain, Accuses Morgan Merkel of lying When he is called for his comments, Morgan leaves the show forever. Merkel later filed an official complaint with the BBC for her words, but Morgan won in court.

The latest barb

President Joe Biden’s sister, Valeria Biden Owens, made the announcement recently Good morning Britain That could make Markle a great candidate for president. From his new show on TalkTV, Morgan is gone. “There’s probably someone less fit to be a leader in the free world but I can’t think of one right now,” he began.

Morgan then embarks on a journey that you can predict with your heart. She accused Merkel of marrying Prince Harry only to gain fortune and fame. He has named his princess Pinocchio in the past and he calls her again. Morgan thinks Merkel will see the presidency as her next step on the corporate ladder.

Compared to President Trump

The flesh of his argument comes when Morgan compares Merkel to Donald Trump. “TV star? No political experience? Craves money? Deep polarization? Massive narcissist? Not talking to Pierce Morgan right now? He says his podcasts, children’s books and Netflix series have all failed and he can’t stand next to Queen Elizabeth at the Platinum Jubilee.” Don’t say I didn’t warn you, ”Morgan concludes.

What does any one of these have to do?

Morgan is one of the most biased people to watch for fair Merkel reporting. Merkel has been rumored to be running for president for years. He seems more interested in raising a family and philanthropy than running a free world. Who knows what the future holds, but you can be sure that Morgan will continue to shout at Merkel from her literally completely unseen television station.

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