Pierce Morgan must have spent the weekend trashing Megan Merkel on Twitter

The eyes of the world were on the UK this weekend Queen Elizabeth Celebrating its platinum jubilee, however Pierce Morgan The focus was on a different member of the royal family. His tweets about Meghan Merkel Going viral, people are both praising and criticizing her for her jokes.

Morgan denounced Merkel in a series of tweets

Her first tweet was a photo collage of Prince Lewis, son of Prince William and Kate Middleton, not thrilled to be standing with members of the royal family on the porch of Buckingham Palace. “Is that when Aunty Meghan came?” Morgan screamed.

Morgan 7 also retweeted a title From New York Post: “Harry and Meghan met loudly at the first royal event in 2 years.” He also posted a picture on the front page of a newspaper with a picture of Prince Harry and Merkel.

“The moment you realize how badly you * dealt with things,” Morgan captioned the photo, where Harry looked very serious, in contrast to Merkel’s bright smile. While many praised Morgan for calling the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for their behavior, others criticized her for continuing to criticize Merkel, no matter what she did.

Fans asked Morgan to “let it go” and show more respect to the Queen

“Let it go dude,” one wrote. “You’ve been saying all week that it’s not right to do everything about Queen’s Weekend and Meghan, and I know it’s meant to be ridiculous, but you’re not helping the cause here,” pointed out another person.

“I knew you couldn’t go 4 days without mentioning Meghan. But I thought you would refrain from paying homage to the queen, at least from day one, “commented another. Many criticized the fact that Morgan initially rebuked the couple for attending the jubilee in an attempt to have an event about them, when he confirmed that they had been talked about, taking the focus from the queen.

Morgan calls Duke and Duchess of Sussex ‘global laughing stocks’

Morgan responds to the uproar over his post, New York Post“The overwhelming response to my tweet has completely shortened public opinion towards the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Most people laughed because they are now the stock of laughter worldwide after all their hypocritical money-grabbing royal-bashing activities.”

He went on to say, “But Meghan and Harry’s declining humorous misleading fans were once again outraged, because they truly believe that Sussex is the biggest victim in the world. This belief, like my tweet, is ridiculous. “

Whether you side with Morgan or not, it is undeniable that he seems obsessed with Merkel and Harry. His latest tweet string shows how much he cares about them, even on a day when the whole world was honoring Queen Elizabeth.

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