Prince Albert accused of paying wife $ 18MA a year to avoid divorce, royal gossip

Is Prince Albert of Monaco Paying his wife Princess Charlene Stay by his side? Rumor has it that Prince Charlene drafted a treaty to prevent her from divorcing him. Let’s check in at the Monaco royal family.

Princess Charlene caught in ’18 million dollar scandal ‘?

This week, New ideas Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco have been stunned by wild allegations in the French media. According to the magazine Here, Albert has signed a “top-secret agreement” to pay Charlene তার 18 million a year to return to her side and fulfill her royal duties. The rumor came shortly after Charlene returned to Monaco after a year-long absence due to medical problems. However, anonymous sources close to the couple have strongly denied the allegations. “Of course, he has a generous prenup, but Albert doesn’t have to pay for his stay,” a source said. Page six.

But another French tabloid suggests that Charlene is still earning a generous amount of money to return to Monaco – something she may need because she has not been paid. “Prince Albert himself will pay the princess a tidy sum so that she can be with him at public events,” said another source. Paris match Belgium. “Of course, the princess enjoys huge benefits, but there is no ready-made cash guarantee … It would be understandable for Charlene to try to secure her own guaranteed income.”

Is Princess Charlene getting paid?

It is much harder to prove a lie than to spread such filthy rumors. Although it’s easy to guess whether Charlene was secretly paid to return to Monaco – especially since her year-long absence was shrouded in mystery – how can you prove it? Secret The contract does not exist? All we can do is point out the impossibility of such a scenario and it really seems highly unlikely. First, there is denial.

An insider reported Page six“After being away for so long during her illness, Charlene is very happy to be back with Albert and the kids. They spend every weekend in their country place. Albert fully supports Charlene and helps her with her charities. “We have more reason to believe this sentiment than the tempting baseless gossip spread by French tabloids.

Moreover, it is noteworthy that Charlene’s absence was due to actual health concerns. He first fell ill during a trip to his native South Africa. Soon, the princess also experienced complications related to the previous ENT procedure from which she spent the next six months recovering. And after a series of corrective surgeries, Charlene returned to Monaco in late 2021 to be with her husband and children. And during Charlene’s last public appearance, she seemed really happy to be back with her family for a long time.

Tabloids on Albert and Charlene

Celebrity gossip magazines have now for years cast doubt on the sincerity of Charlene and Albert’s marriage. Last year, we encountered a story from Globe Albert claims that Charlene is like her mother, Grace Kelly. The same tabloid has since claimed that Charlene is seeking $ 500 million in divorce from her deathbed. And most recently, the publication claimed that Charlene planned to flee Monaco with her children. Apparently, the tabloids never got it right in the case of the royal family of Monaco.

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