Prince Harry is shocked to see Meghan Merkel slapped in the face by the Royal Family

Is Prince Harry And Meghan Merkel Desperate to protect their image after being dropped from the royal family’s platinum jubilee celebrations? A tabloid claimed that Sussex was embarrassed by the announcement and was trying its best to save face. Here is the latest gossip about the platinum jubilee plans of Prince Harry and Megan Merkel.

Harry and Meghan ‘outcast’ after snub?

This week’s edition Globe Reported that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were again trying to protect their public image after a conflict with their royal relatives. Buckingham Palace recently announced that only members of the working royal family would be invited to the verandah for Trooping the Color, meaning Harry and Merkel would have to celebrate elsewhere. But Sussex friend and biographer Omid Scooby recently revealed that the Duke and Duchess never intended to represent the royal family on the porch, although insiders at the outlet insisted it was a tactical way for Harry and Merkel to save themselves from further embarrassment.

“It’s just nonsense – a ridiculous attempt to save face,” recalls the tabloid tipster. “There is nothing more dignified in England than to be able to stand with the Queen and watch the famous Trooping the Color Military Parade below. It’s a real slap in the face to Harry and Meghan. “Scooby claims that Harry has already talked to his grandmother about not participating in Trooping the Color, but the source insisted that this does not make exclusion less insulting. [Prince] Andrew, Harry and Meghan are in the same boat – they’re out!

Sussex tries to ‘save face’?

So, let’s get straight is this “insider” crazy because Sussex didn’t bother enough to announce the palace? And how should they expect to handle the news? And it’s not possible that they really are Didn’t Do you want to represent the royal family on the balcony? After all, they left behind their royal responsibilities. In fact, we have no idea what the Sussex thought about the announcement. No matter how you cut it, it’s all just guesswork.

But aside from that, we should clear something now. It is true that Prince Andrew and Sussex have been excluded for the same reason: they are not members of the royal family. But left responsibility for them Too much Different reasons. Sussex voluntarily left to hurt themselves. Andrew was forced to resign after being charged with sexual assault. No matter how you feel about Sussex, it’s wrong to compare them. But this rag does not pay attention. According to the tabloids, Sussex’s suffering in the royal family is similar to that of Andrew. And for that reason, we can’t take any of its claims seriously.

Magazine on Harry and Megan Merkel

It’s always frustrating to read such an unhealthy report, but it’s business as usual Globe. Last year, the outlet claimed that Harry Merkel was “stuck in a life he hates.” The magazine then reported that Harry and Merkel were “neighbors of hell.” The publication then complained that Sussex had fled California after being “very unpopular and isolated”. And most recently, the magazine criticized Merkel for trying to imitate Princess Diana. Apparently, the Globe Out for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

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