Prince Harry made rare remarks about children during the virtual presence

Although Prince Harry And Meghan Merkel One of the most famous couples in the world, little is known about their children, Archie And Lilibate. However, Harry recently made a rare comment about his thoughts on his kids and their online safety.

Prince Harry’s comments on online security

Yuvraj has made a virtual appearance in the 5 Rights Foundation’s Global Child Online Safety Toolkit, joining representatives from around the world to discuss the dangers young people face when spending time online.

Harry noted the foundation’s “ground-breaking” work in the area and criticized social media companies for making “unimaginable money” with the time and attention of their users. Yuvraj also talks about how he wants to protect his two children from the “online world”.

“My kids are still too young to experience the online world and I hope they never have to feel the way it is now-no kids should,” explained the Duke of Sussex. “The Internet business model is doing just that – let us in and let us scroll, let us be angry, let us be anxious or let us be numb to the world around us.”

Prince Harry: ‘My wife and I are worried about the next generation’

Yuvraj also talks about the negative effects of social media on adults versus children, who can enter this virtual world more easily than adults. “My two young children are still innocent,” Harry said, referring to a rare mention of Archie and Lilibet.

“Sometimes I feel like I can keep them away from the online damage they may face in the future but I’m learning to know better,” he continued. “As parents, my wife and I are concerned about the next generation growing up in a world where they are considered a digital test.”

“The online world is changing,” Harry concluded. “And it is the responsibility of each and every one of us to make sure that change in the future prioritizes our children’s right to a secure and happy future.” This is not the first time Harry has talked about social media.

Previous comments Harry made about social media

Harry and Merkel stopped using social media in 2020, and no longer use their usseSussexRoyal account because they were no longer members of the royal family. Attending the RE: WIRED Summit in 2021, Yuvraj said that “the level of misinformation is now alarming” on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter.

Like all parents, Harry and Merkel are concerned about how to best navigate the online world that their kids will soon be a part of, and it looks like Yuvraj is trying his best to determine how social media sites work.

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